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 Is it me or does their seem to be a Black British invasion going on over in the U.S its seems the people over there have a higher regard and respect for these actors and actresses than we do here and when I say this I’m not just talking about an issue of race. I recently put some of my  friends to the test asking them about some our own black british talent working in the states  and not being surprised they didn’t have a clue as to if  they where British or American. So if they don’t then the question must be do the British public at large have clue either.

One   such talent is IDRIS ELBA Speaking about how it is over there he said

I think English actors who come to America have to be prepared to go in and work hard because it’s very, very tough and very competitive. I have been very lucky. I didn’t broadcast the fact that I was English whilst I was on The Wire. The people that hired me didn’t know that I was English either. Now it’s more common knowledge but I’d say its luck and hard work really.  

 born  6 th September in hackney LONDON UK he developed  his love  acting at school .Soon he could be seen in ABSOLUTLY FABULOUS and then that forgotten show FAMILY AFFAIRS he was the only good thing in it. It would be his role in ULTROVIOLET that started to get him noticed, but perhaps his big break was in THE WIRE and is role as  RUSSELL STRINGER BELL which really brought him to attention of the American public creating a massive fan base for the actor.IDRIS would later star alongside GABRIELLE UNION in DADDIES LITTLE GIRLS  also he appeared in 28DAYS LATER and then opposite DENZEL WASHINGTON  in AMERICAN GANGSTER .In 2008 you  can see this  talented actor  in ROCKNROLLA ,THE UNBORN  THE HUMAN CONTRACT (DIRECTED BY JADA PINKETT SMITH. In 2009  he is set to appear in a thriller OBSESSED  alongside BEYONCE KNOWLES & ALI LARTER OF HEROES fames ,about a successful  asset manager who is being stalked by ALI LARTERS character .If you have seen this lady in action you know this could be interesting . Recentley he has appered in the THOR movie and is set to reappear in another marvel film GHOST RIDER II  All this demonstrates the man pulling power over there and the enormous respect people in and out of the industry have for  this talented man, Who by the way is also a music artist know as DJ BIG DRIIS. The talent this man has means that it is only a matter of time before he starts showing up on british TV being hailed as a great talent, and that he is ,but this will be done way to late .Yet i say better late than never, as this looks set to happen soon for the man from hackney . Also please check out his myspace page IDRIS is also a soulmusic man at heart and he very good at this to.


 My career didn't start with Stringer Bell. I have been acting for a long time. I have acting for about 12-13 years. In England I've played characters that were un-stereotypical, which is very lucky for me. I've been choosy. I don't act for money, and what that afford is me choosing roles that I think will make sense. I believe that I'm an everyman. I don't because I'm black, tall, and big build that I should play characters are intimidating, so in answer to your question, no. Now after Stringer Bell, an actual fact,. The industry has an understanding that I'm an artist who comes from England and I can play American characters and they give me scripts that are un-stereotypical just because they think that I have some unbelievable talent and can be able to transform myself into different characters, which is what an actor is supposed to do; however not all African American actors are afforded that privilege. So it's an advantage that I come from England and play a character like Stringer Bell and play a character like Augustin and show that range. It's an advantage to avoid being stereotyped   

look out for him in the hit show THE OFFICE and in the movie GHOST RIDER 








  Look out out for the manin man in the leading role AS LUTHER in a made for british tv series  IDRIS ELBA in a role he was made for . 


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First picture of Idris Elba inthe up coming sci fi movie PACIFIC RIM 



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