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It’s certainly always feels good when the artist known as INDIA ARIE is on the scene her music certainly evokes a positive stance to take on life love and yourself.

"I heard Stevie Wonder say that he appreciated my songwriting because I had a way of being able to tell the truth without being offensive--and that's the Libra in me; I can do that real good,".

So when I first heard CHOCOLATE HIGH & THERAPY  I yelled out a silent YES! As I played it. It’s been some time since Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship in 2006 and what a glowing set that was, so I was I little hesitant as I listened to Chocolate high. Born OCT 3 1975 Denver United States, this is now her fourth album and is entitled Testimony: Vol. 2 Love & Politics she first graced us with her ground breaking album Acoustic Soul in 2001 this was and still one of my favorite album of millennium so far it help change the way soul music was seen and gave it another dimension yet at the same time a new voice and a new way of being. Let’s not forget at the same time getting those feet tapping, Voyage to India followed and was equally brilliant. As a testimony to the ladies talent and artistry she has collaborated with many varying artist from John Mellencamp, Cassandra Wilson, Dave koz Sergio Mendes and Akon. Her mother was signed to MOTOWN RECORDS as a teenager as also she is. Lyrically she has lot to say if you listen to what she’s saying but without getting mad and screaming at the audience which by the way some people like, just not this dude well! Ok when its justified, takes for instance the song WAR you can’t sing it another way. India sets a benchmark to the many artists out there at present.

I consider myself an artist, maybe even a poet" she says. "And what I mean by that is that it's not more about the words, it's not more about the music, it's not more about my presence nor more about my clothes, it's not about how I wear my hair--all of it is an expression of me. These are my ideals, these are my ideas, and these are the things I feel strongly about, the things I love, the things I can't stand m everything I do, I'm expressing me." Unique. An original. And still unlike any other girl you'll see in a video.

India Arie has released new music and by now you should already have heard CO COA BUTTER  taken from her up coming new album Songversation sadly this has been slightly overshadowed by recent pictures which had some asking if she had changed her skin tone  hmmm anyway its a warm welcome back soul sista

new music to follow soon THE ALBUM IS CALLED OPEN DOOR

 check out her website  HERE

check her new song cocoa butter



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