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SOUL and NAYLA make up the British soul diva group INDIGO BROWN they have brought a refreshing look at the British soul music scene with their very own brand of soul music that you don’t really need to label .Right from the start their has been a buzz about these two and as usual people always look to compare and when this is done you could easily point out theses similarities .Yet why bother what I like is the down to earth blended lyrics and simple melodies that are so positive yet inspiring .They have managed elevate there music past the pop sex crazed lady gaga stage and take it to where in my humble opinion it should .Soul and Nayla have a unique thing going on and my whish is that they go on to cement this .What I would like to see more of here in the UK is these acts all supporting one another STOP COMPETING and GET ELEVATING you see this a lot in the US yet here we need to see it more and more, so that soul music forms a growth within itself .INDIGO BROWN could well be one of those outfits that form a nucleus of a movement that the UK is still sadly not quite getting. It’s there but fragmentised into small pockets .Its appreciated more abroad than at home .If you are reading this and into pirating your music you are not helping anyone you are killing soul music, get out there and buy it, please stop asking a friend to copy there disk for you and buy it for yourself then you wont be saying DAM! “What happened to that group so and so they were cool “. when one of real causes is that many of us cant be bothered to even download it still legally. If you get the chance get out and catch a live show of these two the vibe is so good.

By cw


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