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Info links Info links  JAMES EARL JONES (born January 17, 1931)   is a name I have grown up with and for many reasons it brings back very sad yet uplifting times in my own life. If ever there was a man whose voice so stood out amongst the many actors of today and yesterday you would have to say JAMES EARL JONES why? Simple DARTH VADER when you think of James the name Darth Vader always comes up. Yet all this is coming from a man who in his early years would not speak owing to a bad stutter that he had. The impact that the Darth Vader character had on so many generations is quite unique since we all know he didn’t actually play the role just the voice. I would get glimpses of JAMES EARL JONES in films after this and before, I can still remember the impact the film ROOTS had on me and watching the older Alex Haley played by JAMES EARL JONES was for me very moving and inspiring as he traced his ancestry back (yeah we all know about the made-up stuff Mr Haley) yet the role for many young black kids like myself help give a sense of pride that many today, so take for granted and will continue do so in some way or fashion. When I first saw CONAN 1982 the only reason I went was because JAMES EARL JONES was starring in the role as the evil THULSA DOOM. Later I would venture to see the movie SOUL MAN 1986 in which JAMES EARL JONES would appear for the same reason, and also in COMING TO AMERICA in which he starred as EDDIE MURPHY S father that movie and its impact has raised several jokes amongst my friends and me to this day. In 1989 he again appears in the movie FIELD OF DREAMS alongside KEVIN COSTNER an actor whom I also like, again this was a very inspirational  movie and JAMES EARL JONES shun through giving the movie that lift it needed. At that point in my life I had not yet seen the film THE GREAT WHITE HOPE and when I saw the title of the film and who was playing the leading role I stayed up late at night to watch it, this role JAMES EARL JONES was born to play, he had won a TONY AWARD in 1969 for his depiction of the boxer JACK JEFFERSON. You must and get this movie if

you can. Besides this award he has been nominated for countless awards and appeared in countless films and TV and theatre roles. In the 90,s you would be silly if you had not noticed him films such as HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, 1990 PATRIOT GAMES1992   and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER 1994. Yet the one role he again excelled in was the voice of MUSTAFA in DISNEYS THE LION KING 1994.My son at this time was just born and would spend much of his time watching that video movie and crying each time MUSTAFA died. I can still see the look on his face when star wars was Re-released and I had to explain to him that DARTH VADER and MUSTAFA were one and the same. It’s true to say that this man is a giant in the movie world when you see him he embodies a regal elegance and that’s not because of the roles he plays he simply does. For a man from such humble beginnings much can be learned. From the man himself,

 My voice is for hire. My endorsement is not for hire. I will do a voice-over, but I cannot endorse without making a different kind of commitment. My politics are very personal and subjective.




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