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 Born April 28th 1981 JESSICA MARIE ALBA has gained much success since her appearance on the hit TV show Dark Angel. She has obvious talent yet sometimes I’m afraid that the club she has joined seemed to want that talent she has only in a certain light, that’s the FLESH FLESH and MORE FLESH zone. I`m sure JESSICA is well aware of this and knows it is the nature of the beast yet beast don’t change and so wanting to take any serious dramatic roles in future will be underplayed by critics and view with a rather sceptical eye. It`s clearly obvious she is a beautiful women I would have to be from the other side of the galaxy to not see that. Yet I do see that both she and other stars that equally are very talented and beautiful at the same time seemed to get quickly typecast. This seems to be accepted so you show some flesh and get famous or not and don’t. JAMES CAMERON noticed her acting talents and put her in her own show. She has since appeared in movies such as THE FANTSTIC FOUR (of which I liked the fo
llow up movie badly let the whole thing down the blame I give to FOX themselves) other films she has appeared in are AWAKE (this I thought should been better received) what do I know. THE EYE, HONEY, GOOD LUCK CHUCK, INTO THE BLUE.THE LOVE GURU, CAMP NOWHERE, P.U.N.k.S., NEVER BEEN KISSED amongst others. She is yet to have that big hit movie that saysc”here I am” and yet she so deserves. I don’t think this bothers her too much, as the level of interest in the lady is phenomenal. Even though she has recently become a mother look out for this talented lass in future movies SIN CITY II, MACHETE, KILLER INSIDE OF ME, VALENTINES DAY and AN INVISIBLE SIGN OF MY OWN. No doubt you will recognise some of the titles and look forward to Jessica Alba strutting her stuff. For me AN INVISIBLE SIGN OF MY OWN caught my eye JESSICA ALBA headlines director Marilyn Agrelo's feature-film adaptation of author Aimee Bender's popular novel of the same name. The story centers on Mona Gray, a young girl who turned to mathematics as a means of dealing with a devastating family illness. Years later, Mona teaches the subject, and does her best to help her students contend with their own personal crises. An Invisible Sign of My Own was adapted for the screen by Wedding Planner scribes Michael Ellis and Pamela Falk. My hopes is that we get to see JESSICA ALBA,S talents acting skills at her best as I do believe there is great depth in there only can we control our sexual urges enough to notice as one friend said  am I bothered it JESSICA ALBA. The trouble with folk is seeing one thing one way on a regular basis and the it changing the BEATS is not used to see things change unless the change is unbelievably excellent can she pull it off I SAY YES SHE CAN.














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