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I first caught wind of r&b artist JOE(born July 5, 1972) in 1993 via the album  EVERYTHING  and the song I`M IN LUV at first I was very impress the man has beyond  a doubt outstanding vocals and can be seen right from the word go. He moved to JIVE RECORDS and then released the set ALL THAT IAM in 1997and back then I thought this man is going to be bigger than R KELLY who by this time was a major star the album went platinum




 and I was so sure JOE was on the way. What then happened was that he continued in that come to bed style of r&b music that led to him being pigeon holed by many as an  R KELLY clone, of which the man isn’t he consistently put out good material beyond a doubt whether this was soulful and inspiring is another thing. SEX and rnb have become partners so much that it appears that the music doesn’t have much meaningful to say anymore and in a sense has become mocked for this .In 2000 to 2009 JOE had continued to shine in the music he put out .Which many of his  fans being female have loved and there is no doubt the man is very talented ,yet I can’t help  but feel there is so much more he could  do musically I would like to hear a more soulful /jazz orientated release just to see what he could do with it lyrically I would like him to mix the subject matter  up a bit  and  not just sex and how the women  has done him wrong or the other way around .Not that I want him to change completely but to mix it up more I’m sure his female fans would leave and he may gain even more . When  I purchased the tribute to maze album last year  the one song that stood out ( and believe me all the songs are killers ) was JOE`S version of CANT GET OVER YOU, executed in a passionate and yet soulful way that it had me saying  I liked it more that  the MAZE version( this I didn’t find easy to admit )Yet it plain for all who listen to that song  that unlike R KELLY who these days  lacks  any soul music  vibe at all and relies on the sex factor rather than the x factor. Still this must be working for many of the artist out there singing about SEX, SEX and nothing but SEX .JOE is much more, and vocally has a better range than R Kelly in my humble opinion KELLY being the better writer or use to be . In some ways I feel that at JIVE RECORDS he was slightly overlooked in favour of R Kelly a subject he alluded himself when the issue came up. I recently watched a series of adverts here in the UK in which an Rnb artist sings to a really silly yet boring incident whilst attempting to make it sexy and serious. It worked in making him seem STUPID and the boring incident look good .IS THIS WHAT PEOPLE REALLY THINK OF RNB/SOULMUSIC in general that it really isn’t saying much these days whilst for a lot of the pop orientated soul music I am tempted to agree  when it comes to soul music in general I doubt this is the case.JOE could do no wrong should he decide to do the latter he easily has the credentials to. In 2009 he release a new album on a new label called SIGNATURE WITH SONGS WRITTEN PRODUCED and ARRANGED by JOE himself shows that he is starting to move  in the right direction.


 Although he frequently collaborates with rap artists, you'll almost never hear of Joe collaborating with other R&B artists. "It's pretty intentional," he reveals. "There's not a lot of driven R&B singers. I haven't really seen that much potential. Maybe at some point, the game will step up." But despite his comments, Joe isn't just a hater: he's does respect at least a couple of young singers.
"I see the potential in Chris Brown. There's a lot of potential. It'll be interesting to see what happens once his voice drops. And I like Ne-Yo, definitely. His songwriting is pretty good."

But when it all comes down to it, Joe says the only person he's competing with is himself. "That's when your creativity comes in," he said. "You have to compete with yourself. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. 






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