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JOHNNY GILL  - Still Winning


  I like it when artist who has been away return`s and when they do they manage to shine, with his new set JOHNNY GILL has manage just that he’s been away for approximate 3 and a half years (hard to believe) recently we were all treated to the single IN THE MOOD and it was plain to see he was back I must say I really enjoyed his cover of the PAUL MCCARTNEY song MY LOVE this is a killer for sure and Mr Gill takes the song and makes it his own top points. STILL WINNING is another top marks song that had me hitting the replay button. Other songs that are very soulful  include LETS STAY TOGETEHR here JOHNNY  seems to be stretching his vocal styling s in ways you haven’t heard and for the new kids on the block THIS IS HOW WE DOIT!!!!.BLACK BOX had me pausing to say out loud YES!!! JOHNNY. Other noticeable songs on the set include SECOND PLACE and  WHO`S HE which has that strong Luther Vandross  vibe to it that again is one of those pause moments  to reflect on  what sort of music would that man have been putting out had he still been here. Well JOHNNY GILL gives you a wonderful glimpse into that and I like it. IT WOULD BE YOU a midtempo laid back song that is another great song .True at times I want to hear some variety in the instruments but that just the old school in me. JOHNNY has updated himself whilst solidly staying firm to what R&B music used to sound and feel like, and he does it in a way that puts many younger artists to shame on many levels. Vocally he’s outstanding, lyrically good and the production on the set is admiral. So that when I finally got to the song MY LOVE it was time to grab my wife and have a dance to this .The album is a laid back affair yet it touches on many notes and is colourful in many ways as Mr Gill bends and turns his vocals up and down to keep you hooked .SHINE WELL TAKE A LITSEN AND TELL ME IF I`M WRONG, THIS IS SOME GREAT SOUL MUSIC PEOPLE with the only draw back is the lyrical content at times and i`m just clutching at straws when say this  because this can be excused due to the excellent styled vocals of which again Johnny gill  is his own man the delivery on this set is simply sublime. The album is entitled STILL WINNING and is released on the NOTIFY RECORDS label .WELL RECOMMENDED.







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