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 When it comes to listening to artist I always try maintaining a completely fresh outlook, you know that I heard this artist for the first time feel. Now this can be hard at times yet I’ve found by doing so much more enjoyable .So when the Jose James new album was released recently I took my time playing it over and over getting that first-time impression and then that growing feel .When it came to writing things down about this new set I avoided in my mind comparing it to his previous music rather what did this new collection of music say to me did I enjoy it on its own merit without any comparisons. The answer is quite simply yes on many levels, many critics label Jose James as jazz, soul, neo soul and even pop music I say I don’t really care too much for it yes his music leans towards all of the above but in real truth Jose James is his own man with his own thing that truly elevates it yes I could sit here and make references to the influences of his music, but It always leaves a negative connotation in the readers ears It’s does mine. When I read reviews that constantly always refer to the influences of artist music as if he or she could not come up with new ideas of their own. True all artist to some extent have influences but it’s how the use it and bend it to their own will that then alters it and makes it truly their own. Vocally José James has  such a unique vocal style that is all his own making  and he uses that to great effect throughout all of his songs on his new album No Beginning No End  we are introduced to a colourful variety of songs and music by the man  it’s difficult  on this occasion to say which song is a killer song on the album because in truth yet again I find myself like all of the songs at times I thought I had settled for a song but then found myself replaying  others tracks over and over .I guess if you tortured me (please don’t lol) I would pick the song HEAVEN ON THE GROUND  ft. Emily King it simply puts me in that zone and its lazy like yet groovy sound just hits a spot not to mention the marriage vocally of his and her diamond vocals go too well this I will go with as my killer song. Other songs that I likes here include ITS ALL OVER YOUR BODY this is what many would term neo soul me it’s a funky as it gets and again Jose breathes life into it vocally lifting the music to a soulful height and I like it .SWORD +GUN speaks on a social level in as much as repaying one another with violence is not going to and never will work, it features Hinda Zahra.

DO YOU FEEL is another number that gets you its bluesy and yet jazzy then JOSE sings and its pure music but you know it has soul music  as an essence to it ,then you just lose yourself to this. BIRD OF SPACE, MAKE IT RIGHT and COME TO MY door are all stand up songs yet as I said previously they all are the entire album although you could say is laid back it has the knack of being uplifting   and an almost inexplicable way .Lyrically Musically and vocally the album is strong production wise Jose James has run a tight ship one that I will be enjoying for more than just this year. José James is truly an outstanding artist and when they come along we praise them to the hills because we know and can sense that through their music take his first two sets THE DREAMER and BLACK MAGIC  all the while want them to produce music similar in many ways as previous ventures yet as artist they  have to grow the problems comes in how to marry the two I believe without consciously thinking about it Jose James has manage No Beginning No End does that and says so leaving it hard for you to label his music yes there are those that will try and may find some success in doing so but on another level may come off sounding snobbish and foolish in their attempts to define the man and his music . Try playing this on a bus or the car  then at home its amazing how a song can create so music vibe when you’re in a different space Jose James  new album plays well in all the album is ground breaking and pioneering on so many levels .I hope that Dj`S and critics alike will not be in rush to dismiss yet I sense on a level they have passed over this album  in a rush and not truly given it a listen to in a rush to fit other sounds and artist in Jose James  and his music is a much needed breath of fresh air in the music industry right now let’s support this as I believe there is much great music to come from the man. Checkout the album NO BEINING NO END and catch Jose James addiction.



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