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Now again I here an artist that makes me proud of coming from the West Midlands in the U K(sometimes that isn’t easy) someone who makes me think yeah there truly is good music out there. While I truly understand the need to make money from music I don’t believe in doing it at any expense .Its a trend many artist have gone down damaging the artistry of soul music and reducing it to kind of puppet show rather than reflecting the musical art that it is, JULIETTE who is a Neo soul rnb singer from Birmingham is clearly keeping her musical art in  the soul music pot and in doing so is bound to pick up lots of admiration if not in the UK then my brothers and beautiful sisters in the US, and believe me when I say they are going to find her irresistible. She has her own unique slant and style that isn’t art for art sake but complements the home brew soul music she dishes out. Her latest single LOVE ME AND MY HAIR has been doing the rounds and seems to be gaining a lot of traction. She isn’t some fly by night act NO! JULIETTE has been flecking her skills as she puts it

“My professional career as a singer began at the age of 19 when someone needed to hire a session singer for a rock band in Litchfield.From that day on I knew Music was in my veins, and here I am still doing what I do!In 2010 Mr Godfrey Fletcher of Neo2Soul Promotions introduced me to Herb Middleton, CEO of NuVybe Records who signed me to the US label. “Key’s of Love” featuring Juliette (yes that’s me!) is slotted for a 2012 release on NuVybe Records along with a feature on “The U Turn Project”

I Look forward to hearing everything you do JULIETTE as there is definitely some soulful vibes being served up and I love it check out JULIETTTES new song and video below.


jULIETTE has just releasesd her brand new album entitled KEYS OF LOVE 


 The "Keys Of Love" project is a 12 song neo/soul & nu/jazz composition performed by one of the UK's very unique and extraordinary female talents. Juliette a singer/songwriter often compared to many vocal greats exposes the depth of her gifts on this work. Most of the project was produced by multi-platinum producer Herb Middleton (Mary J Blige, Usher, Al Green) Crystal Johnson and Wendy Starland are two featured acts. The classic song "Beautiful Pictures" is destined to be embraced by the music world for many years to come, while "Nu Horizons" will inspire you and make you dance at the same time.

I couldnt have said it better beacause everything i had hope about this lady has come true with the release of her new album KEYS OF LOVE  the album is full of  highly polished songs that have a kind rough edge to them but with strong melody matched by JULIETTES unique vocal styling check out Blown Away the song is a BEAST, i so hope it gets a release then there is the song Some Place To Call Home this song had me at the first note. Mr Wonderful is pure genius and continues in juliettes laid back yet soulful jazz vibes that are simply crippling me right about now (this is how good music should be ) her music gets really jazzed up on the song  Another Mistake and juliette is almost allowed to show you another side of herself that you know is there and you are left spellbound. Nu Horizons sees Juliette team up with a lady that i admire alot  Crystal Johnson and again they add a latin feel to Juiette and come out with top marks a killer!! song Beautiful Pictures sees her music become slightly accoustic but hey!! it sounding great to me feat Wendy Starland.Keys Of Love takes it down almost a s a ballad of sorts but has that dreamy chilled factor on you.Other highlights include Love Me & My Hair ( see video) Summer Day, Honeymoon Whispers and Something Good if you are looking for somthing different yet has that RNB/SOULMUSIC MIX WITH JAZZ and BLUES then this lady is your stop. I only hope hee in the UK we stop a listen to this lady because shes the real deal and i1m not just saying this because she from the westmidlands but because she simply is that good.This album willbe burining up my Ipod & Blackberry for a very long time to come click on the photo above to buy and listen to it .

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released 27 April 2012




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