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I must admit that I hadn’t watched 2 Broke Girls until my daughters pointed out (in their words its stars that really funny chick u thought stole the movie in THOR) I tuned in and yep there she was (rewind back in time) and there I was watching Thor and thinking that girl has got great comedic timing she ought to have her own show ,so not being one to keep things in I blurted it out and it was met with overwhelming silence until  2 Broke Girls hit our TV screens that is.It was then that the silence I took for ( shut up dad you don’t know what your talking about  ) may have been a hmmmmm  but were not going to agree moment, so as to make my head grow. Since then

Kat Dennings has been building a bigger and bigger audience of people who look for whatever work she has done, and looks forward to anything new she puts her hand to. Her latest show, 2 Broke Girls is now in its second season and is getting solid rating and reviews (and it is usually quite funny).

She was born Katherine Litwack near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Gerald J and Ellen Judith Litwack. Her parents are both highly accomplished, and her mother is a poet as well as a speech therapist. Kat was home schooled, and graduated from high school at the age of fourteen. She is the youngest of five children.

After graduating, her family moved to Los Angeles in order to help Kat break into acting. After doing several commercials she got a role on the HBO hit 'Sex and the City' in 1998, and has not looked back since. She has appeared in several established TV shows, like CSI, and been involved with several other shows.

Her character work in movies has drawn a lot of attention. Thor and the Answer Man are good examples of this, and shows the versatility of this young actress. In Daydream Nation (2010) and especially in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) she did a very good job as lead. Her TV work will only improve her acting chops, and even with the TV show there are already two more movies in the pipes, Lives of the Saints, an ensemble work, and a second Thor movie.

She has done a good job picking roles so far, and has adapted to different characters quite easily, promising good things in her future. Another thing in her quest for leading roles is her look. There is no doubt she is a beautiful young woman; the point is, she does

 not conform to the current 'model standard' of beauty - or of body type for that matter. It is



good to see a woman with actual curves now, and Kat is one of a growing club of women actors who are not trying to be as skinny as possible. Thank goodness for that!

According to Kat she grew up in the middle of the woods, and by all accounts has escaped the trap many young rising stars fall into. She has an easy. Self-deprecating humor in interviews and quite gracefully keeps what she wants private, private, without a lot of subterfuge. She seems easy to get along with and has a sensible attitude about drugs and drinking - don't do it.

There are several projects in the works for this young actress, and the CBS show 2 Broke Girls will probably end not because of bad ratings but too many movie parts for Miss Dennings. Speaking as a fan, I cannot wait to see if her pick of projects in the future is as good as the things she has chosen to do in the past; this is an underrated thing for many younger stars, and can mean all the difference as their careers go forward. Judging from her past, Kat Dennings will not let us down there either. 


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