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When you have talent of likes of KEISHA WHITE not much will hold you back she started out very promising at 17 years of age with her song WATCHA GONNA DO it was clear she had what it took to take things further I know friends and I were thinking maybe she would find success stateside as she had that vibe and indeed most seemed surprised she was in fact British. Since the release of SEVENTEEN there have been two good albums (OUT OF MY HANDS & CHNAGES) but both me with limited success and it seemed for a time the British public hadn’t the stomach for such good talent . Sure music always changes but this lady has always been putting out good songs, well good as most of the acts out there at present . This is sad that the lady seems to go unnoticed by the British so called soul public and alike, true it may not be the kind of soul music I would gravitate to at times but some of her music has been simply wonderful, and judging by this new release (of which I like ) one can only hope we start to wake up a little. Before we find ourselves saying why don’t see any soul music in the charts or what’s happened to that keisha what’s her name. Any way now that I’ve finished ranting ,take a listen to her new song RIGHT N WRONG .Tell me if this isn’t good or what .It hasn’t been an easy rod for the lady but that’s what makes and great artist go for it keisha . Saying this i would like to see her mix it up a bit more on one or two tracks and give us a little more soul or jazz edge she certainly has the talent to cope with  this .

From her web page……….. The past 2 years has seen the artist grow. Her honeysuckled vocals and striking svelte figure has intensely matured as she lures back her fans with her new single "Wrong N Right", which is to be followed by her inspirational album "Changes".
Keisha is a woman of her own means and worldly knowledge. Gaining full creative control and having spent time on tour in different countries, she calls on her experiences as inspiration for some of the issues she talks about on her new album.

It is her ability to make timeless music that is sophisticated for adults and also having the contemporary feel for younger listeners. Sultry enough for
the guys, but yet able to connect with the girls at ease - Keisha wields a broad appeal across her fan base.
It seems that she just keeps getting better and is at her best when giving live performances as she captivates her audience, leaving her fans in awe of her spectacular vocals.

Making sure the album was not rushed Keisha has been able to successfully put her mark on her music and has been actively involved with production, vocals and mastering.
Keisha's soul prominently shines through her songs and whilst compared to liquid gold - "pure and smooth" - her soulful voice always leaves you wanting more.

There's just something about Ms White's raw talent that just cannot be tamed and this is evident in her new generation of Keisha White Music.













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