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Keni burke was a name that I had never heard until the song entitled LET SOMEBODY LOVE YOU came through my stereo speakers and that was it, what can I say ,the song had a positive message and kick ass groove that had you hooked. It was taken from the brilliant album released at the time entitled YOU’RE THE BEST (released 1981)after the release at the time we all though what could this talent bass player come with next well in 1982 he would follow that with magical album that is CHANGES feature  perhaps what is today called by some a classic song but I like to call a timeless piece, RISING TO THE TOP, one always knows when a song has been embedded into the conscious and subconscious  of the public and world about, when you start to here a song being used or copied by others and for this song this has been the case, it has kept the name KENI BURKE from ever disappearing  form soul music and music  history. When artist like MARY J BLIGE &LLCOOL J for one use your music you know you did something right. KENNETH M BURKE was born September 28th 1953 Illinois Chicago USA and along with his brothers formed the group FIVE STAIRSTEPS keni would show is writing skills when he penned one there first hits YOU WAITED TOO LONG, but it would be the song Ooh child that would score big for them after signing to curtis mayfileds record label windy city imprint  would eventually see them sign to DARKHORSE RECORDS owned by George Harrison. Yet by around 1976 the group would break up. During this time up 1981  he would work as a session musician for many a artist such as DUSTY SPRINGFIELD,DIANA ROSS,BILLY PRESTON,GLADYS KNIGHT and THELMA HOUSTON plus many others .He would also(After1981) along with  GAMBLE & HUFF pen the funky PUT ARE HEADS TOGETHER for the OJAYS. And work with THE JONES GIRLS and KEITH SWEAT can anyone remember the SCOTTI & WALTER (twin brothers from the group THE WHISPERS) album that was released early 90,s Production writing talents of KENI BURKE can be found here to. He has kept busy releasing new work and working also with new talent KALVIN BISHOP (in 2003) being one of those artists. In 1998 released was his last album to date on EXPANSION RECORDS her in the UK called NOTHING BUT LOVE. Keni burke is a talent that has been hugely underrated and never fully seen for what he is a true pioneer of good soul music and music in general he is a master of his craft and as such should be given more the credit artist like this should never be allowed to vanish, but should be encouraged at every availability to release new material as soon as possible. So from a big admirer I hope we can hear something new soon.

RISING TO THE TOP is the KENI BURKE signature song one that makes believe you can do your best after all if we dont aspire then we can never inspire, even  to love.













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