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 The first time I heard the name BABYFACE, I

replied BABY WHO? After all I thought who could seriously call themselves by a name like that and I laughed at the thought of it. I must say it didn’t last long at the time it was around 1986 and ROBBIE VINCENT was just playing a song from his new album LOVERS, it was a cover of the STYLISTICS song YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW and I loved it .Bright and early the next day I got up travelled the 20mile route via bus to buy the album. After that I enjoyed everything the man did. To say that his influence on soul/r&b music has been noticed would ashamed. KENNETH BABY FACE EDMUNDS was born April 10th 1958 in Indiana United states. After joining the group THE DEELE they

signed to the ever-loving SOLAR RECORDS owned by DICK GRIFFY, but it was prior to this whilst working with BOOTSY COLLINS that Collins nicknamed him Babyface and like some names they stick and pretty soon everyone knows you by it. He would perfect the skills needed to become one of soul music and the music industry most successful songwriter producer and artist in his own right. Babyface would meet and team up with ANTONIO L. A REID, with whom after leaving THE DEELE in 1988 they would go on to form one of the most successful & influential production teams of the late 80,s and 90, s.Working with artist such as BOBBY BROWN, KARYN WHITE, TONI BRAXTON TEVIN CAMPBELL, WHITNEY HOUSTON, MICHAEL JACKSON BOYZ II MEN THE WHISPERS, ERIC CLAPTON and AFTER 7 also helping to introduce these and many other soul acts to the world remember PEBBLES and her hit GIRL FRIEND. In the early 90.s when NEW JACK SWING of which Babyface was one of the pioneers of, had started to take hold big time. Babyface was himself by now already a hit maker in his own right with a string of great songs that had been huge hits for the man .ALBUMS such as LOVERS .TENDER LOVER, THE COOL IN YOU, THE DAY, FACE 2 FACE (2001) GROWN N SEXY (2004)would also testify to his talents, not to mention that along the way with partner L A RIED they formed LaFACE RECORDS and the hits rolled on people like USHER TLC TONI BRAXTON and OUTCAST came through the label. Then like most partners


hips (not all do take JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS) they come to an end so both men mutually agreed to go their separate ways. BABYFACE by now had already assured is status as a top artist producer songwriter and innovator plus businessman. He may not be as bling as some of the cats out there, but truly will we still remember these guys as we do KENNETH BABYFACE EDMONDS who single handily appeared to rejuvenated the rnb market  at a time when the soul  had appeared to have left it . When you look back, you wonder how he managed to even to find the time to write, the man’s creative juices must have been flowing big time because he has left behind a great catalogue of songs that are simply wonderful in fact THE WHISPERS record an album dedicated to BABYFACE songsothers artist have followed suit. Sadly some have come to view the man with contempt claiming he never kept it real yet how real was the song HOW COME of which he recorded along with STEVIE WONDER about spousal abuse this cancer like trend appears to be even older than slavery and yet we treat it like it is some new dude that’s just walking down the street. It’s wrong and should never be resorted to. I would say writers like BABYFACE knew how to romance the audience and not sexualise it. Romance again is not a new thing it  is as old as the hills but it’s an art form we no longer care for and in doing so we have damaged soul music and ourselves without realising this. The music BABYFACE, LUTHER VANDROSS ,SAMCOOK and NAT KIN COLE and alike wrote and song, reminds us that there is a need to feel truly valued ( minus the bling)for whom we are and to be treated like that rare diamond before we engage in any sex.To miss that  out makes the whole relationship cheap and base. BABYFACE and his music and those who write so called romantic song’s play a very important part in the annuals of music allowing you and I to grove, feel special and keep it real at the same time. Of course there are other forms of music that achieve this also. I look forward to another babyface album real soon.

by cw alrights



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