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Whilst my wife and two daughters sunny themselves away for a week yours truly has been left at home given a few self-appointed and appointed duties to carry out around the house .So why not turn the music up if you’re doing the odd job here and there .I had just checked out YouTube/Facebook for any news and there she was Kenya Soulsinger Singer/Songwriter at Blue Knetic Publishing  she was back with a new




single entitled Sunny Day .Right there and I click to hear it and I wasn’t disappointed by what I heard I can tell you. I first caught wind of her music on the 2011 album GROOVY WAY and I would strongly advise you get online and buy that album (OOPS download  is was I meant to say.



She started her career via the church and joined a trio called SET ASIDE they disbanded (2007) and ever since Kenya Soulsinger was born .Kenya Soulsingers music is straight out of the soul bible for real soul artist there is that certain richness and depth that at times will be sadly lacking in the watered down version of soul music .Just take a good listen to a lot of the music to day, True it does have its positives. Yet in Kenya Soulsingers music there is romance, passion and hope .She adds that’s certain magical feel to her music yet without complaining .Always upbeat and the music has that effect on you. As I write this I have listening to the new single it my fifth and I still can’t get enough .I will have to stop this and return after I have finished painting the back wall.

Two and half hours later it been a fun day and what’s helped is a listen to Kenya soul singers new single (I think I need a cool beer) actually I’m due to meet friends later on I wonder what they will make of this single also check out the previous single LOVETOPIA  there is a beautiful video that goes with the song  breath taking  .Before I go I wanted to add this from her bio for you  (SEE THE BOTTOM)

My brief journey within this genre has afforded opportunities for me to open for artists' whom I hold in high esteem, including Kem, Mint Condition, The Whispers, Jeffry Osborne, Howard Hewitt, Silk, Lyfe Jennings, Ke Ke Wyatt, Kandi Burruss and Bobby Valentino. I was also honoured to have been invited to perform in NYC in March 2012. I shared the stage with independent artists from around the globe at the 'Indie Soul Mixer' hosted by one of the UK's finest Dj's, Mike Ashley.

She signs off with the words

Inspire someone; well you certainly did that for me. If people are say Soul/RnB Music is dead then that's because they haven't been listening to artist  like this amongst other reasons (like Dj s  not truly  getting on board the real SOUL TRAIN) W e understand the need to play other genre of the art form buts lets support those artist  like KENYA SOULSINGER out there doing for and by themselves Indy style.



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