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It is not uncommon in today’s world that we get so lost in the beauty of a celebrity that we have truly really forgotten what talent really is we start comparing which star looks better and which has the better hair styles life styles how sexy they are, who are they dating (school play ground stuff you know).So when they do something really great we the public are in danger of not truly being able to notice that this is really great without the media telling us it is. So case in point a little known actress this side of pond but maybe more so in the U S .KERRY WASHINGTON (born January 31, 1977) she has the unique mixture of beauty and talent yet its so obvious which one we notice first its only human right, YET right from the start of her career it was plain to see this wasn’t some playboy girl looking to do a reality TV show to get attention .Starting herself off in TV then moving on to movies appearing in films such as SAVE THE LAST DANCE , and SPIKE LEES ,SHE HATE ME, if you blinked then you may not have noticed her in the films RAY and MR &MRS SMITH yet she appears in both and gives a very credible performance. She can also be seen in the great film THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND starring Forrest Whittaker. Here we get to see a glimpse of what she can really do and I must say she pulled it off so well. Other movies have included THE FANTASTIC FOUR and the brilliant LAKEVIEW TERRACE in which she starred opposite SAMUEL L JACKSON a racist neighbour who eventually tries to kill her and her boyfriend who happens to be white brilliant suspense and action also underrated. KERRY again shines through out ,and it seems that somehow we may be missing something when it comes to this talented actress. So the next time you get a chance to see the lady watch the performances she makes them very believable. This is also a lady who by the way has als


o had stints behind the camera as well as in front of it and appeared on Broadway. You cant achieve this without having some degree of talent .Truly she does and my hope is that we begin to see this more with each film she appears in.

I don't think I'm even close to fulfilling my potential. And I think also that, unlike a pianist or a flutist, an actor has an instrument that is constantly changing.

.Movie to keep an eye on include THE DETAILS and A THOUSAND WORDS 2010 also COLOURED GIRLS Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf 2011 directed by TYLER PERRY .KERRY WASHINGTON continues to build her brand but its her talent that in every performance is what shines through .Will we notice this or just see another nice chick of whom we want to see take her cloths off.I jst watched her new series and talk about hitting the ground running SCANDAL check it .

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