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I have been listening to an ultra-talented singer writer and musician by the name of KOF (Kofi Owusu) and with each listen I am becoming spell bound by his talents it is refreshing to hear an artist of this type of talent and to think he heralds from Liverpool UK of which is the home of the Beatles .Not only can he write and excellent tune but above all he is possessed of extremely soulful vocals .All this adds to a unique sound that I must say has these ears very interested. Growing up in London and then moving back to the cultural city of Liverpool  seems to have given him a unique take on soul music today I n they  he produces and performs  when it comes to his music ,this exciting talent  should have more followers and it is my strong impression that this is only a matter of time .

“I don't think 

consciously why I make the music I make; I just do. Everything I create is what I know, what I've been through and what I see and feel, the music reflects that simply because it's a product of me - what I am. It's without rule or restriction.”


One listen to his latest EP AN ALTERNATIVE SOUL EP and you will understand why I am excited about this talented man, the  last 12 months has seen a marked interest from radio and media alike and is a warning notice to those who would dare ignore the class of music  on display. For me the killer song is the duet with one of the UK`s most underrated soul music stars TERRI WALKER check out the song Need Somebody and see how both artist serve up and main course of delicious soul music (written by both Kof and Teri walker) another track to listen to is the thoughtful Child Of The Ghetto of which he demonstrates use of his writing skills by taking a negative and expounding in a positive yet thoughtful and accepting way. Be like you sees a great urban feel with Kof asking us to give some thought about what we want for our future. Get out FT Dev has a smooth flowing soulful vibe that shows him delivering once again. All in all there is something for everyone on this EP yet KOF stamps his musical genius throughout leaving with one name on your lips the end KOF!!!.

 By CW   devendo 1981 music movies .com


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