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Lajon is a name I was not to familiar with, but I got a chance to spend some time listening to his new mix tape (ive been listen to a lot of music lately) the set is entitled Definition of Lovers Lost what really grabs you is the mans vocals in some ways it reminds me of JOHN LEGEND/LEMAR in parts but in many ways its all LAJON and in this I feel we have a gem of an artist. The set kicks off with a prelude LOVERS LOST then kicks it up a notch with the song TRY ME of witch is instantly likeable with Lajon wrapping his unique powerful, soulful vocals around the song witch makes the song so likable as he executes it so well. NO COINCIDENCE  is again a good song and fits right in with the  production and song styling of today’s artist but again for me it is the man who’s vocals  shine through and that make  this is the KILLER song of the set it  had me replaying it for some time before I actually moved on o another song. (once I get hooked  I’m hooked lol)BUTTERFLY is a nice interlude followed by AUTUMN LEAF which as I look out my window seems to fit the mood. FRAGILE THING   caught me by surprise as a saxophone is introduced along with an acoustic sound yet here again it’s the man’s pure vocals that really bring the song to life. REKINDLE feat THE MAD VIOLINIST has that dreamy yet pop feel to it with Lajon breathing his masterful soulful vocals through it .The last song DOES EXIST has that acoustic feel (as indeed the whole set has) and Lajon gets to explode a little yet he sings so effortlessly and has impressed these old ears as he tells the listener that love does exist. This is a very good set and Lajon has great writing skills and production wise he holds it together  very well  yet vocal he is on another level .This is free so please grab a copy you won’t be disappointed.

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LaJon, gifted with a voice that sounds well beyond his years, possesses a precocious persona and talent that shows he’s the new R&B/Soul male artist to watch.

LaJon Inman Caldwell was born March 26, 1989. Son of a retired military veteran, LaJon lived in several places including Kentucky, Germany, and Colorado before finally residing to Georgia. LaJon’s upbringing undoubtedly influenced his love for various types of music from the heart and soul of R&B, to the spark of Rock & Roll and Country.

LaJon has an insatiable desire to fulfill his life-long dreams of becoming an international singer/songwriter. His up-and-coming project, “Definition of a Lover’s Lost,” illustrates the emotional elements of relationships including vulnerability, betrayal, heartbreak, and unrequited love.

With the release of his new record, LaJon is excited to begin a promising career that will give music lovers just what they have been waiting for – and more. RnbMusic has found a star

CLICK HERE for a free copy and HERE for mor about him  click on poste above for his Facbook Page


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