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I don’t much care for all the reality TV stuff frankly I`m much tied up trying to keep my own reality of life going to be spending my time watching someone else’s even the xfactor and American idol don’t seem to get a look in, seriously I`m way too busy trying to keep my life in order .I did however at the request of my wife and daughter s get a glimpse of LAKISHA JONES when she nailed the DREAM GIRLS song AND I`M TELLING YOU. Whoa she`s good was what I remember thinking then off I went to carry out one my usual repairs around the house .A couple of days back I got and email from a good friend of mine asking me to listen to her latest single SO GLAD I, M ME sure I’m impressed with it and few of the the other songs I heard this lady has I great set of lungs and not only does she use them ,but she has caught on to the fact that the audience doesn’t need to be blown away in every song but needs to be romanced as I like to call it wine


and dine allowing us to gently follow along. On the new album out 17tHFebruary 2009, LAKISHA JONES does just that for me BEATIFUL GIRL was a killer of a song with LAKISHA effortlessly singing the song there are other impressive songs on the set like FADE AWAY and NOTHING   and she also does a simply stunning job of the WHITNEY HOUSTEN (KASHIF PRODUCED) song YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE .On the whole this a good set and should grab the public attention as a fine album. LAKISHA JONES is a strong independent women and it shows in every song yet at times she allows us to see the MOTHER and WOMEN inside in a kind of refreshing way she has a positive message throughout her songs and there isn’t time for self pity and anger stuff you here sometimes too much these days .On a whole I would recommend you buy this and take a good listen SO GLAD I, M ME is just the starters there is much more on the album. One thing though I’m not so sure about the pink logo, then again I would say that I don’t much care for that colour but that’s another story.




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