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After a little dispute with UPS I finally accepted my copy of the new LALAH HATHAWAY (born on December 16, 1968)   album (WHERE IT ALL BEGINS) and let me start off by saying if you thought you knew what LALAH was all about then you will have to reconsider that after you listen to this album. True you  will always compare and think of her as  her  fathers daughter DONNY HATHAWAY  yet  she has always forged her own path with stunning vocals and by the way  is it me because when I checked my mirror I was getting  older yet she appears to be like fine wine getting better with time. Her music appears to be and this is not a criticism but it more colourful both lyrically vocally and production wise. It’s safe to say I can’t find a killer track that s outstanding here. That may be because every song is a killer song SMALL OF MY BACK   has a magical feel  to it the first sight of a loved one and that first touch ,I love this .Then theirs IF YOU WANT TO a jumping track that instantly grabs you ,great for a night out or partying in. STRONG WOMAN had me shouting out YES!!! LAHLAH!! Much to the surprise of my two daughters sitting nearby (picture this I had earphones on whilst listening and I guess I slightly scarred them) Ignoring their efforts to keep quite (XFACTOR IS ON) I continue to listen as I know they are going to like this album. WHERE IT ALL BEGINS is another stunning track, and I love the dance feel to MY EVERYTHING and the effortless vibe of the song ALWAYS LOVE YOU, LIE TO ME has that current rnb feel to it, and every song and in this one LALAH nails it vocally. The albums shows vocally that this women  has many strings and levels production wise and song choice seem again effortless as we are introduced to LALAH for the very first time as she has manage to produce a golden nugget  of an album her one that should played like crazy if you truly know music. If THIS COULD BE LOVE, WRONG WAY also make this album compelling then I`M COMING BACK and YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME (a cover of a song done by her father) make this album a must have not just for soul/jazz music but for music sakes.Oh and incase i dont forget the last song DREAMLAND is awonderful wonderful song and is co written by a verytalented man and a friend JAMES DAYI iw hished the song was longer .

Keeping up with the Jones ain’t gon’ never get you anywhere/same job, same car…is that who you really are?

Well LALAH I know who you are (lol) seriously  she is a treasure in a music industry that at times leaves me wondering if anything refreshing will come along then you get the likes of LALAH HATHAWAY the year keeps getting better folks. GET OUT AND BUY THIS.








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