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His family and friends know him as LOMON ANDREWS but those who know his music know this talented man as LAMONE .I first became aware of this talented man via the album ECLECTICALLY SPEAKING in released in 2007 the album was a great break from the sounds that I was hearing at the time, here was a man just doing his own thing , I might even say I don’t think he set out to try to be different in as much as he is different. The music took you back to a time when the music was positive the lyrics romantic and yet thought provoking and at the same time you could vibe to it. Being someone who like myself grew up in the 70`s you could do this and not be influenced by the great artist of that time DONNY HATHAWAY ,ARETHA FRANKLIN MARVIN GAYE and CHAKAKHAN to name a few. It was clear within two seconds of the opening song FOR YOU this man had that vibe and yet at the same time he had managed to fuse today’s soul music in there .That entire album was and is still a treat to listen to and remains close by my computer and on my ipod . So when I became aware of some new material from the man I was little excited as not just the

 Lamone - RearView Mirror


music , lyrics and the overall production that sounds great but it is all backed up by some of the finest vocals you will hear around at present ,and I don’t think I’m overstating this when I say he has amazing vocal range . Just take a listen to the new song featured on the new EP ON THE ROCKS witch also feature two other gems SWAGGER and the most delightful song I FOUND ME SOMEBODY. All three highlight the immense talent of this SOULMAN!!! With an exceptional voice. On a sad note though he is yet unsigned , one finds this hard to believe with such a unique voice and talent ,ON THE ROCKS I hope will be a correction of this. It is my belief that as the music industry has changed it has become more important for artist to take control and in doing so independent artist require we all support NOT JUST IN WORD we can all say ( I hate that song or I like it 



 ) or comment in any way we like yet at the end of the day if we fail to act !! We may be part of the reason as to why the soul music we hear and see today doesn’t feel or sound as it use to .True there are other things that will and do contribute to this .Yet I must and will play my part by one, where I can I buy the music .There are others ways we can support acts like this if we want to bring back good music , and there is good music out here LAMONE is a fine example of what that music is and many others like him who fly under the radar. So if you catch friend s complaining about the state of music its worth while asking  as to when was the last time they purchased the music or request it from the local radio station. I don’t want to brow beat any one reading this but when you have an artist this good , to wake up years later to the music is such a shame. To hear and enjoy  it now  is a delight .LAMONE is a credit to music in general and to real soul music as it is meant to feel and sound ,that is straight from the soul. LONG MAY HE KEEP THIS MUSIC COMING. THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE AT LAST ITS ENTITLED SMOOTH  AND THAT IT IS


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Lamone - On The Rocks (Remix)






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