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It was 1981 the summer time and my cousin kept singing this song the lyrics I couldn’t make out but the hook was SHOUT ABOUT IT. After hearing his rendition many times I asked who, s song was it today I still remember the reply “LAMONT DOZIER “(born 16th June 1941) and so to help me catch the groove he pressed the play button on his cassette player and I was hooked .W e both then searched the shops until I got a call from him that he had just received a copy from the states and wanted me to be one of the first to hear it. LAMONT DOZIER would become a name that would hold very fond memories’ of that year for me and many to come. For the longest time I thought that only I loved this dude yet when I first went to THE SOUL WALKING WEBSITE run by that cool dude TOBY WALKER he too and many others loved the man’s music sure we all know he was part of the writing team at MOTOWN RECORDS HOLLAND DOZIER HOLLAND that wrote all those hits at the label and help make it and the artist there what they are today in 1967 he along with HOLLAND brothers  left MOTOWN. Yet for me it was that album that prompted the interest .In the 80,s he would also work alongside and pen songs with the likes of PHIL COLLINS and MICK HUCKNALL of SIMPLY RED FAME these new the writing talents of LAMONT DOZIER he also wrote GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS which would later become a smash hit for the group ODYSSEY A IN THE 80,S .My one regret was I want to name my son LAMONT but it met with bitter dispute by his mother and so LEWIS was a more apt name and suites him as for me there can be only one LAMONT. L AMONT DOZIER should be studied by any budding song writer out there looking to get into the music world and write meaningful songs. Sadly as the 80,s ended his style of music was not sort after unless your into rare groove then some of the 70,s albums are so much worth the punt .I believe that when something is good that it will remain just that and anyone using the it s old excuse is simply lying to themselves. The  LAMONT DOZIER  catalogue is a rich one filled with many rich songs and one thing I have always like about him musically is that he has always looked forward with his music and yet still holds true to basic song writing. He’s both a businessman as well as an artist he has helped discover acts and also groom them. Check out some of the invictus /Hot wax records releases also. I don’t profess to know everything about this man or in deed any others but I do know he makes great music. So to LAMONT DOZIER whenever  something good happens in my life SHOUT ABOUT  IT comes to mind THANK YOU.









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