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It’s summertime and all over the world it seems as if the weather has gone mad, despite this it’s always pleasing to me to find an artist whose music transforms the mood no matter what the weather is outside my window one such soul jazz and rnb music artist whose music has done just that for me today is Laura Jane her latest single entitled everything changes is a testament to this ladies incredible talent of Laura Jane who by the way is no overnight  success. She developed a love for music from a very early age growing up in Detroit US it seems as if whatever she has wanted to do she has with hard work and determination. Working with some of the legends of soul music Gamble &Huff not to mention Dexter wansel to backing vocals to many other artists such Kelly Clarkson and Enrique inglesias and the late TEENA MARIE. Laura Jane has also used her talents in the theatre which is a great testament to Laura Jane’s credentials. It’s always inevitable when artist of this calibre releases their own material Laura has done this her first album release was released in2005 entitled PLANET BOO. Her latest album entitled Everything Changes again shows how musically gifted Laura Jane is but it also suggests that their are many artists out there with the real talents . When I first heard this title track it was raining outside my window. It didn’t feel as if it was raining it as if  the song  seemed to raise my mood I saw myself outside in my garden with the sun’s rays beating down on me. Right away I went straight to the web to find out more about astonishing Lady. Laura Jane’s music has that acoustic breezy feel to it and yet the undercurrent is one that has a very soulful vibe at its core. She also manages to add thoughtful lyrics in the process, you may be forgiven for thinking you have heard this sound before you take it from me you haven’t . Clearly Laura Jane  has their own sound and style  one that I strongly feel is missing today  she is studied and gone through ups  and downs that  many artist go through yet always she appears to be working hard at her craft one that seems to be paying off in more ways than one. If there’s an album you are looking for this year please check this one out it will lift any mood others songs to look out for TRY  A LITTLE LOVE ,THE VOW and LIFT ME UP all in all go into making of a very uplifting and positive album .Laura Jane is a very promising artist with  a very organic and natural feel to her ever sound.


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