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Every since I heard LEDISI  sing she has totally blown me away with her style her raw energy and talent .You only have to listen to  THE SOULSINGER  THE REVIVAL  set to get what I mean she is a rare breed indeed  and one that all lovers of jazz and soul /funk  will always enjoy listening to and watching .When she released FEELING ORANGE BUT SOMTIME BLUE  in 2002 it was mainly off jazz origin and jazz lovers everywhere loved it she has revived the art of scatting of which i1m a big fan of .She seemed to  disappear for about five years 2007  then pop up again on the WE ALL LOVE ELLA album  she by now was signed to verve records and released  the album LOST & FOUND  which was simple  excellent and feature my favourite son ALRIGHT  amongst many great songs that are feature on that set .The album is still a great buy so for all you urban soul and jazz dudes if you don’t know the name (what planet have you been on ) check  it out .Having said this you won’t have to wait  too long  for any new material as her new album TURN ME LOOSE is about to be released in AUGUST 2009 and features the production talents of RAPHAEL SAADIQ and JIMMY JAM TERRY LEWIS also REX RIDOUT, ERIC KRASNO, ADAM DEITCH as well as LEDISI he





rself taking control of the productive duties. Talent like LEDISI are in rare demand and a lot of new acts simply lack this kind of depth .So it s great when an artist who has a genuine raw love and talent for this type of sound and can take it and make it their own  comes along. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on TURN ME LOOSE and let LEDISI blow me away as she has done from the very first time I heard her sing.From her own words




"When Sundra and I started," Ledisi concludes, "our motto was ‘Innovators For Modern Timeless Music.’ That means I make my music to be it can never be dated."  

From singing on Broadway and teaching voice in Berkeley to performing around the globe, having the guts to compose and manufacture her own soul-baring music, and the good fortune of being born in New Orleans (soul music central) to two fine singers (and a drummer for a step daddy to boot), Ledisi extends from roots any artist would proudly claim. Lost and Found marks the next level ascent of a trained, tried and true artist for whom the underground was a nurturing cocoon. Now…watch this black butterfly soar.





























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