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 Leela James is an artist who most definitely should be given a star plus for the music she has created and the way in which she has done this .Sadly the requirement of thinking is either lacking in the industry or even more sadly around the world in general .This for a beautiful women who has sincerity and class in what she brings to soul music and music in general. LEELA JAMES was born 2nd June 1983 raised by her father who love for soul music had a lasting influence on her, artist such as AL GREEN,DONNY HATHAWAY,BBKING,MARVIN GAYE,CHAKAKHAN and MAVIS STAPLES just to name a few.

My father loves blues and gospel. When I was younger, that's all that I was hearing. In the morning, it was nothing but the Mighty Clouds of Joy. Some moments, you didn't want to hear that. I didn't appreciate what I was hearing at the time. But as I got older, I started finding I was into that same stuff. My father was really educating me without trying to educate me.

She released her first album A CHANGE IS GONNA COME in 2005 helping to give soul music the lift it needed, she brought some respect back to the ar

t of soul music that had began to be seen only as bedroom music with no depth at all . The song DON?T SPEAK was a cover version of the NO DOUBT the groups hit single with lead singer GWEN STEFANI but LEELA JAMES made that song hers and breathed life into it claiming it her own as true r&b /soul music . The album drew it strengths from the soul greats she had grown up listening to and hearing, and she was now giving it to the masses. Since then I have waited for new material and let me tell you she is not only back but the music is in great effect ,her cover of the WOMACK & WOMACK BABY I,M SCARED OF YOU song is simply a killer of a song I never though that song could ever be done as good and yet BAM! LEELA JAMES delivers a brilliant cover. The JAMES BROWN cover IT?S A MANS MANS WORLD is yet another very good cover ( although I loved SEALS VERSION OF IT) there are simply some nic

e little gems on this album I TRY is yet another great take (done by ANGELA BOFILL originally) also the THE STAPLE SINGERS song LETS DO IT AGAIN .Sure this is an album of covers and ye t it s one you should add to your collection because its one of the best out there in many instances I feel LEELA JAMES has done such an impressive job .Released on the SHANACHIE IMPRINT INDY LABEL( some good things coming from this label). Spoken like a true pioneering in a 2005 interview she says about RnB music R&B stands for rhythm and blues. When you think of R&B today, you don't even hear a lot of blues. It's time to offer people something else other than what they're force-fed on the radio. We forget about artists like Al Green because we don't hear them on the radio anymore. But yesterday you would hear all these different artists. Today you get like one or the other. I think it's time for us to get back to having a buffet. Yes girl.Good  I must  admit that from ime time these  ears of mine miss certain artist and it always at a time when magically the artist then pops back into my life with new material (no i dont have super powers lol) and it was just te other day that this happend when i firts heard the new Leela James  Single ,Somthing got a hold of me  its seemd an eternity for waiting to hear new music from this gifted Diva her last outing was the album My Soul and contained some wonderful music with songs written and produce mainly by LEELA herself ( i would love to see her team up with the UK soulpersona for me their a match up t

hat would produce some stunning orignal music) .This time however it appears that Leela James will be paying her respects to the late Etta james of who`s song Somthing got a hold of me Leela has covered,in only the way Leela knows best and when you hear leela sing it is a treat to hold. So i am sitting here biting my nails waiting for the release of the NEW! album  release date july 31st so pre order your copies people.For me LEELA JAMES( Soul sista ) is one of those artist largley ignored and yet so gifted shes like a cool beer on a hot day that has that certain taste,that as soon as you are finished you have to drink it again because you simply cant get enough of the taste. check out her video below .

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The New Album 'Did It For Love' Available March 31st. Pre-Order Now:

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LEELA JAMES - MUSIC.. LIVE! Birmingham UK 2015





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