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Lei "WorieL" Row


Lei "WorieL" Row is another one those artist floating under the radar, but I believe should more recognition for the quality music she is putting out in many ways she vibes from the 90`s era of RnB music and the 80, s. and her new EP is surely worth checking out if you are bored with the RnB/SOUL music that’s out right now and want to hear someone with a different edge look no further her bio reads like this (and I couldn’t put it any better)

If you want to hear what's been missing, then "Lei Row" a.k.a. " worieL" is your girl. Some say her sound is new and some say it's reminiscent; but most say it's necessary. Therefore, this songstress/DJ is definitely making her mark in music and entertainment!  

Known for her unique melodic vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and chic vintage style: Lei brings an urban yet retro flavour and soulful sound to music, coining herself more as the “Urban Retro Songstress.” As a singer-songwriter, Lei has written and vocally produced in different genres from r&b/soul, to pop, to electro, to hip-hop, and her resume includes work with various artists, songwriters, and producers from New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, France, and Washington-DC just to name a few.  

As an artist, Lei has received national and international acclaim with her 2010 EP release "Lei Row presents Euphoria," which is available on, Amazon mp3, and iTunes ( Lei has a close-knit team of talented s



ongwriters and producers she works with and who also produced on this project: Kevin "Gripp" Gripper, Dennis "Aganee" Jenkins, Frank Silver, and Dexter Kendrick. Since her EP release, Lei has performed in different cities on the east coast including performances at renowned New York City nightclub "The Sugar Bar" owned by legendary Motown song writing duo "Ashford & Simpson"; the Ebony Magazine & Pine Sol's "Sister speak"; in stage play "Law & Disorder"; "Miami Music Festival"; “Queen Makeda” in Washington, DC; the “2012 Harrisburg Music Festival”; and the “2013 Evolution Tour.”  


Lei is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native; however, Philadelphia has always been a second (2nd) stomping ground and strong influence for this songstress. She is no musical stranger to the “Philadelphia Soul Sound Grounds” as she has performed around the city and worked with and alongside several artists, songwriters, and producers around the city. Some of Lei’s most acclaimed performances include singing in the “Open Mic Nights” at the former legendary club “The Five Spot”; headlining at Elena’s Soul Lounge for the “Familiar Faces Tour”; headlining the “IM3 Media Showcases”; and placing in the “TOP 10 Singers” for the “Soul Star Search” of Philadelphia which was hosted and judged by music mogul and legendary record executive Andre Harrel and Philadelphia’s own multi-platinum production duo Carvin (Haggins) and Ivan (Barias). Lei is also a member of the Recording Academy -Philadelphia Chapter and has placed in the top 10 and 20 of the Philadelphia R&B/Soul charts on “Reverb Nation” (  

Because it is an honour for her to give back through music, Lei is a singer-songwriter for the "Songs of Love Foundation,” which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges, free of charge ( And you can hear the song she wrote and co-produced for a beautiful little girl named/called “AVA” here: In 2012, Lei was a dancer in “Dancing With the Stars of Central Pennsylvania,” a philanthropic project hosted the Greater Pennsylvania Chapter of The Alzheimer's Association and Central Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra.  

As briefly stated above, Lei Row is also known as “worieL” which is her songstress name put together and spelled backwards. Lei’s deep love and passion for music has also enhanced her interest and talent to enter the DJ field, which makes one (1) year ago to date. She has been mentored by two of the best in the Deejay game: Deejay/turntabilist “Alf Dawg” and former Nappy Roots Tour Deejay/turntabilist “B.E.” So far “worieL” has spun at various events in and around the city of Harrisburg for various city-wide and private entertainment events. Currently, she is enrolled into the “Scratch Academy” in New York City, which was founded by the late great Jam Master Jay and facilitated by some of the best DeeJays, Turntabilists, and Producers in the WORLD! She is excited to be entering and growing in this journey; not to mention, she’s been doing great at is thus far so please remain on the lookout for “worieL” on the Deejay/She Jay circuit! Oh and feel free to check out some of her mixes on her DJ sound cloud page:

Featured on several radio shows, websites, and mix tapes across the U.S. and internationally, Lei does NOT plan on stopping in her musical journey anytime soon! So if you bring the talent and drive in your craft as well, please reach out to her because she is all about building, creating, working, and networking in this music game!

This says all you need to know about this promising artist flying below the radar. I could not have said anything else check out the links below for more information about her music.


For more info on Lei, please feel free to visit:








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