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LENNY HENRY(born 29 August 1958) over the years has become a staple diet for the British public in America they have RICHARD PRYOR, EDDIE MURPHY and alike in the UK well we have them all wrapped into one LENNY HENRY comedian and funky soul brother slash actor (and a DAM! good one to) He shot to fame after appearing on the 70`s version of the XFACTOR it was called NEW FACES, but it was his appearances in the Saturday morning show TISWAS that he came to fame and became a part of the British conscience  at the time I was just happy to see a black man from my area THE WEST MIDLANDS  U.K getting some TV air time. I can say now as I did then I didn’t much care for the act, that is much of the show. That said LENNY HENRY was amazingly funny at times and it was great fun. Who can forget some of his characters he would later go on to develop  I loved Theophilus P. Wildebeeste and the funky DJ Delbert Wilkins just to name a few .What I still would like to see this man do is to have another crack at the American scene I know he tried  it once before  and didn’t much enjoy it, yet I feel the man deserves the world to see just how good he is .All this said and done what he has accomplished especially here in UK has either  directly affected the careers of many black/White actors and comedians or affected them indirectly. Causing the public to see that there is talent of black origin out there; LENNY is also a writer and collaborates with many other artists in his pursuit of entertainment. The LENNY HENRY show will always be for me one that I play whenever I feel down and enjoy. In 1992 he launched his own production company Crucial Films   to try to bring through a new generation of ethnic minority talent. The sketch show The Real McCoy  LENNY if you are reading this I would love to see back on radio playing those funky tunes you use to back when THE FUNK was FUNKAAAAAAY.LENNY is married to the beautiful DAWN FRENCH (jammy get) that’s  English (BLACK COUNTRY) for the lucky  so and so  . He also worked tirelessly for children’s charities for years. In 2003 was voted one of the fifty fun

niest British acts. LENNY is currently studying for an MA at the ROYAL HOLLOWAY University of London in screen writing for television and film, GO FOR IT LENNY .Coming from the west midlands and growing up has it draw backs but it gives you a certain steel that work ethic that drives one forward this I believe was successful installed in LENNY from a young boy and as he jokes about being raised in area I reflect on my youth and the saying my mother use to say (miss u mom).If you ever get a chance to see LENNY these days what you will see is a more mature more accomplished refined  artist who isn’t afraid to speak out when he needs to .A man who has given us lots of laughter and yet made us think when you see him take on such roles such as OTHELLO  you know he was born to do it.


"You can't let one setback kill you. Push, push, push."




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