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LINA is not  a new artist she has been on the scene for quite sometime with some simply divine soul music in fact it s very hard to fit her into a mould as her music seems to grow and branch out with every album.

When I first heard her Morning star album frankly I wasn’t so sure until the song FEEL THE LOVE blasted into my head phones I replayed it several times before going back to the beginning and replaying the first few tracks again. Right there and then i knew i would be hooked on LINA LOI music  she`s is simply out of this world has her own style sound and even runs her own record company(MOOD STAR) you have to give respect to that.Lina has released several ablum s got to CD Baby to check them out .She was signed to ATLANTIC records in 2001  although

she had tasted success when she penned a song for the the international actor and singer Tyrese in 1998 .It would be in 2005 when signed to the pioneeering record label HIDDEN BEACH RECORDINGS along with Moodstar that the album  The inner beauty movement was released.People stood up and started to take notice of just what this lady could do.In 2008 she released what i still believe to be one of the best undiscovered albums for sometime on her own label(MOOD STAR) called MORNING STAR critics and frinds praised it.Yet in the majority it was largley ignored she still continues to release quality music and i was so please whn i heard new music was forth coming.Over the years many people have asked me how they can get hold of her music i say check her out on CD BABY .In the mean time litsen to some of her new music. Her ;last outing THE LOVE CHRONICLES  OF A LADY SONGBIRD was so underrated even by dare I say this those who claim to love all things soul these days( AH well there loss) maybe they can tune in to her latest EP THE LOVE RIDE will demonstrate just what a gem we have in this artist you will notice that strong motown vibe through out mixed with a 50`s vibe and current soul music blended and fused  the  way only she can take a listen to the  set here.

The new EP  album is entitled  THE LOVE RIDE

check out the song DIP    a KILLER TUNE!!!








Realizing and accepting who you are inside to become naturally beautiful outside is the message at the core of Lina'smusical mission on The Inner Beauty Movement. Among the album's stellar selections all written by Lina are the self-realization anthem "I Am," and the empowering, mid-tempo "Leaving You, which recognizes and exalts inner strength with such lyrics as: "Today's the day/Now I can finally see my way/Found somebody new/I'm leaving you for me." Notes Lina, "It's hard to let go, but you have to do it for you."

What lovers will rightfully and wrong fully endure in a struggling relationship is at the heart of "Smooth." The couple will do anything to make it smooth because they love each other," says Lina of the song. "But it's still a dysfunctional relationship. People in my generation seem to be in love with things. The guys are hard, and the ladies are so independent to the point of not needing anyone. But we always need someone to inspire us."

Which is what happens when R&B powerhouse Anthony Hamilton and Lina team up on the soulful "Around the World." Their performance recalls the timeless pairing of Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack. Hamilton's warm, full-bodied tenor is the perfect complement to Lina's emotion-packed, versatile soprano.


 The Inner Beauty Movement builds on the signature sound that first caught listeners' attention in 2001. That's when Atlantic Records released Lina's solo debut, Stranger on Earth, which spun off the hits "It's Alright" and "Playa No Mo." In addition to earning critical acclaim, Lina's impressive vocal styling and unique merging of music past and present elicited comparisons to Billie Holiday, Macy Gray and Erykah Badu. Two collaborators from that album, producers Jeeve and Travis "T-House" House, reunite with Lina on "Inner Beauty."

Her constant desire to give back through music is the impetus behind the upcoming Save Your Soul compilation s



eries that will be released through the artist's own MoodStar Recordings. Save Your Soul is for people who have a passion for music, not just to drive a Bentley," says Lina. "It's not about looking for clones but helping new artists develop who they truly are."


And who Lina truly is can be heard on The Inner Beauty Movement.

"What music is missing right now are artists like Lauryn Hill who can touch people's souls," says Lina. "This is what music is for. I'm not here for the attention. I'm an instrument of God, here to help people realize themselves."

That's Lina. No clone an original.


 click picture for her website. you can buy her music here also



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