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 If there is an artist out there that has me buzzing then one of them has to be L`RENEE  (pron. el-reh-nay) she has a richness in her voice that quite simply put most female artist these days don’t have, their are some, that I can deny yet what seems to go hand in hand with  this is that  they tend to fly under the radar so to speak .I don’t here radio playing the music well at least here in the UK you have to ring or email to request  it and frankly you just get fed up with it. So if I feel like that I dread to think of what a talented and astute soul music artist like L`Renee must go through at times. One listen to her voice and you will be quite clearly hooked. She has release 7 albums    writing and producing all of them as well as  featuring  alongside  some of the best soul music talent around today .Artist like KEM ,FANTASIA LEDISI,ANGIE STONE,K`JON,DWELE and ANTHONY DAVID just to name a few. I first caught her vibe via the   EUROPE set release in 2009(I believe is sold out at present) but check out her latest set KARAOKE in it she demonstrates the high standards she has set for herself and proves convincingly that good soul music is out there real power voices that know how to seduce the audiences, and not just blow them away .You have simply just got to listen to here music to be honest i had meant to write this article sooner  and should have but at times life just makes yo pause well i did and know i can play .I love this quote from here face book page which again spells it out what kind of artist she is.







"I believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered, loved, and inspired to a greater experience of life. I think you deserve it regardless of your weight, height, race, color, the size of your bank account, the job you have, your religious affiliation, or even your sexual orientation. I use my talents resources, and popularity to connect as many people as I can to this core fundamental belief. I just so happen to make and perform music that people like."-L'Renee


For someone who has  the likes of  Stevie Wonder, Sting, Cranberries, Sade, Chaka Khan, Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Jill Scott as her influences tells us we have a gem her folks so get out there and keep supporting  her she deserves it. Take listen to KARAOKE



 Official L'Renee "Reflections" Music Video






 L'Renee and Dwele impomptu of Jill Scott song


From here facebook page   

L'Renee has also won the 2010 Detroit round of Andre Harell Superstar Soul Search, was a finalist in the 2010 Budweiser Superfest Singing Contest and has been a artist, Women Who Jam Showcase, Can-A-Sista Roc A Mic, and a 2010 Live @ Groovbox Studios artist.

Other notable achievements and contributions include singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Pistons, playing "Simone" in independent short film, "When Two World's Collide", having song placement in independent film, "Happy Holidays", having song placement in independent film, "Darling Niki", serving as a spokesperson for charity organization S.A.F.E., and serving as a volunteer for long running non-profit organization, Haven.



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