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When I think of the state of British soul music, I see it in a positive state what it requires are a few more dare I say stable soulsters like BEVERLY KNIGHT, LEMAR and HIL ST SOUL also others who seem to be sticking around by the skin of their teeth at times such is the business, they at least have managed to get to a second and third albums without disappearing from view all together. Another artist that I would put in that bracket is a certain LYDEN DAVID HALL Born 7th May 1974 (RIP) and had his life not been cut short I’m positive he would have become an artist we would all be admiring even more today .He burst on to the scene in 1997 with his album MEDICINE 4 MY PAIN (released on COOLTEMPO –EMI RECORDS) and stunned the public with songs like DO I QUALIFY and SEXY CINDERELLA. I must admit at first I was shocked this was a British artist sounding so funky and yet so good vocally he had that NEO SOUL dare I say sound yet it was all of his  own sound  going on, the music was pioneering in itself  and I can still remember thinking will we see this dude again, as what he was doing at the time was so ahead musically  of its time. In 1998 he won the MOBBO award and in 1999 LYNDEN DAVID HALL was the first black UK artist to be voted BEST MALE PERFORMER by BLUES AND SOUL readers . In 2000 he would release is second set THE OTHER SIDE it wasn’t a smash like the first with forgive me  the highest charting song  at 30  yet you couldn’t help but notice just how much the man had grown musically. This was a man who could do everything write, produce and sing he had it all. What an artist with this much talent requires is a record company that truly believes in his/her talent and are willing to go the long haul. Yet in 2003 my wife insisted I come with her to see the film LOVE ACTUALLY on the promise I would enjoy the first 15 minutes I pleaded with her to give me a clue, but failing to get any, my curiosity got the better of me, I had to see it. Well she was right there was my favourite UK artist singing in the movie i was quietly pleased to see the man get much respect and allowed to show his talents in the film. It appears to me and others that maybe the record company had felt they had gone as far as they could go with LYNDEN DAVID HALL and his brand of soul music. This may or may not have been the reason for why it took until 2005 to hear from him again .When Lynden released the album IN BETWEEN JOBS on RANDOM RECORDS it featured the killer song FAITHFUL . In 2003 he was diagnosed wit

h Hodgkin's lymphoma, he soldiered on to release his last album mentioned above (IN BETWEEN JOBS) and on 14th FEBUARY 2006  I awoke to the news that this much talented and gifted man had lost his battle. I was deeply sadden as the U.k  had lost a true soul brother someone I felt was going to be around for some time  to come and who other artist would look back on, to be inspired by.I guess when you look at the body of work he has left it was inspirational  and well ahead of  its time.




"It's the loss of a great talent unfulfilled, said Trevor Nelson. At the time, in my capacity as an A&R man, he was one of the biggest talents of his time, and ahead of his time in many ways.

He was a very unassuming guy, very quiet and introverted, not your typical wannabe pop star. It's a sad day for British black music, but knowing Lynden as I do, I hope the attention that this brings him will make people go and re-visit his music."

Shortly before his death in Nov 2005 whilst in hospital, Lynden achieved his wish to help others suffering, by putting on the hugely successful LYNDEN’S WISH concert at Londons Jazz Cafe. For the first time ever the cream of black British music artists came together in Lyndens honour to raise money for two charities close to Lyndens heart, The African Caribbean Lukemia Trust and Rays Of sunshine, a children’s charity.  So here I am   saying LYDEN DAVID HALL thank you for the music.



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