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Maggie Q (Maggie Denise Quigley born 22nd may 1979) is a beautiful and talented actress that I would like to see get more meaty roles to add to some of the roles she has played up until now. In an industry where one can easily be type casted for one reason or other actresses perhaps more than actors can find this a problem. Yet MAGGIE Q appears to take all this in her stride. Although her career started in Hong Kong where she went at the tender age of 17 to model  which turned  into an acting career but this wasn’t achieved easily she had over the ignorance and racism that surrounded her being  labelled so called  mixed raced. This she did, and soon caught the eye of Hollywood also and then the offers for movie roles started to roll in. Taking small roles in movies s such as RUSH HOUR 2 and slightly bigger ones in  AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS  this however lead to bigger roles  in even bigger film projects  although she was still busy appearing in other films .She appeared opposite TOM CRUISE in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE  III  and  opposite  BRUCE WILLIS in LIVE FREE DIE HARD . Other movies she appeared in are BALLS OF FURY (Of which I thought was really funny) in my very humble opinion THREE KINGDOMS : RESURECTION OF THE DRAGON ,NEW YORK  I LOVE YOU ,DECEPTION .In 2010 look for her in THE KING FIGHTERS  and ROGUE GALLERY. So I don’t want to see her just in Asian based movies or only being limited to that not that its limiting in many ways they are more pioneering and seductive than the Hollywood production .I supposed I want the world to know that an actress with this much talent can mixed it with the so call big guys anywhere and come out smell of true red roses.





 HEY! I know let’s see Holly wood actress and actors in Asian movies which have no connection with   Hollywood hmmmmm?

"I have yet to have an on-screen persona that has anything to do with the real Maggie"

 Maggie Q and others are certainly capable of this in my opinion. So I look forward to see more of her talent on screen (and not just the pretty face side) of which I feel has so much more to offer if she and others were allowed. In an interview with CNN.COM she said

, there's something to be said about being a tough woman, being able to take care of yourself and sort of, you know, hold your own, especially in Hollywood or anywhere in this business. It's not easy being a woman in this business, I have to say. So I enjoy those roles, those tough roles. That's not to say I don't want to do anything else, but I certainly appreciate that whole woman-empowering sort of thing.

Here  is a poster of  MAGGIE in her new role as NIKKITA  the  assasin ,i watched the pilot  clips recently and i dont  know what to make of it ,as MAGGIE seems to good for a show like this , and hasnt this story  been done too much  any ways i will be keeping an eye on to see if this is any good . For your  MAGGIE Q fans  no doubt  this will be a treat.

Maggie Q  talks season 3 of  NIKITA




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