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Its  seems like only yesterday I was screaming to the top of my lungs just how good MARCELL AND TRUTH are, many who listened and checked out their sound contacted me and said amen to that also, Since then  MARCELL appears to be doing things solo and has gone the solo route as MARCELL RUSSELL yet he doesn’t appear to have lost the spark that he had during his time with the group .Still delivering  the sounds vocally that takes me back to the days of SAM COOKE MARVIN GAYE and LUTHERVANDROSS but delivering lyrics of today’s man the fears  the ups and the downs the abuses Marcell lays it out thoughtfully  his mistakes  his joys become our own .Through him we can get a glimpse of how soul music should  be and yet Marcells take on soul music is raw and yet polished. What I don’t get is why some blog s and websites (soul music orientated) and Radio stations have largely ignored the man, surely he delivers one hundred per cent to my mind and yet I can’t help but feel some quarters are just not feeling the man’s music ,or could it be they have become too distracted by the pop Rnb and Hip hop pop sound that has drowned out real soul music and real hip hop  leaving the general public starving for good music and they don’t even realize it.Well Marcell Russell has a new song release called ABUSE MY MIND (About the song MARCELL  had this to say : I wrote this song to show that everyone's pain needs to be addressed. Manipulating another person in order to minimize your own pain is abusive and that happens way too often regardless of gender, race, age or culture. When you force your expectations on another person that is also a form of abuse. You have the power to stop abuse in relationships no matter who you are." ~ Marcell )  and like all abuse men and women take part in it .Abuse take a verbal sound long before it becomes a physical one. Marcell is not afraid to sing about this and take on the subject matter for that reason some may not want hear this yet Marcell has manage to deliver a stand out song that deserves a listen to .Marcell music carry’s so much soul and emotion to it yet not in a negative look at me and feel sorry for me it carry’s hope of a better tomorrow and doesn’t apologise for the state in which it reaches you. Like some of the soul music giants of yesterday his music doe and will transcend it just ups to us to catch up with him. Look out for the new album THE SERENAD & THE  SERMON IT OUT NOW AND I CN TELL  YOU ITS IS BEST TO DATE  THIS BROTHER COULD TEACH US ALL A THING OR TWO TELL EM MARCELL.


BET's choice for one of the BEST Male Albums of 2009

 Soul tracks for the People's Choice Award & Critics Award

ECHOES Magazine w/the front cover press w/great Alicia Keys & Snoop Dogg

 Atlanta: CREATIVE LOAFING for 5 Stars

So if you find yourself in need of a pick me up as far as soul music is concerned try the man, he’s got true soul he is THE VOICE.

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