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Marianne Jean-Baptist came (born 26 April 1967) to the public light for her role in the movie SECRET AND LIES in 1996, for which she won a golden globe for and in the process was the first black British women to be nominated for an Oscar. For this outstanding achievement she was left out of a group of actors going to the Cannes film festival to promote British talent within the industry. The incident was an embarrass

ment to the so called enlightened British media who wanted simply to put it all behind them claiming a simple mistake and that they had simply  forgotten (hmmmmmmmm) brilliant excuses as usual so perhaps we can just all forget and carry on as normal. Well she did and carry on she has moving to the US and scoring big time. Appearing in the hit U S TV show WITHOUT A TRACE. Last week as I sat with friends some seemed quite shocked when I told them that she was in fact BRITISH. Yet owing to her excellent acting skills, we here in the UK don’t even know. I guess the moral of the trend or the story that is, that if your own don’t recognize you, then go where they will and reward you handsomely for it and don’t worry about those who don’t know and don’t care. Marianne Jean-Baptist has done just so and has received


her reward in full good on you girl as they say here. Marianne Jean-Baptist has exceptional talent that much is clear she trained at the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ART and since then has never looked back appearing on film as well as TV work in 1999 she appeared as DOREEN LAWRENCE in the film THE MURDER OF STEPHEN LAWRENCE, she also appeared in THE CELL 2000 SPY GAME 2001 28DAYS 2000 JAM 2006 CITY OF EMBERS 2008 and many other roles. Lookout for her in the upcoming movie starring opposite IDRIS ELBA, MATT DILLON PAUL WALKER HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN and CHRIS BROWN in TAKERS. Marianne Jean-Baptist is a top quality actress and this seen when you take the time to look at what she has already done, there is so much more to come from this lady and I look forward to this.



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