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Marques Houston (born August 4, 1981) is a very talented individual his last outing VETERAN I thought was outstanding and know he has a new album MR HOUSTON of which is due out in November. Both singer and actor the man is carving out a name for himself. When first heard this I thought what the! Then hey! Followed by I luv this.

You know him as a key member of IMX (formerly Immature), as one of the stars of the hit television series "Sister, Sister" and for his credits on albums by hit-makers such as B2K and Destiny's Child Now, with the release of his first T.U.G./A&M/Interscope Records solo album,  Marques 'Batman'

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 "My manager Chris Stokes has been my mentor since I first started out in this business and when we were preparing to do the album, we agreed that it should be an opportunity for me to show my strength as a singer" Marques says. "Then, producers like Kenny Whitehead really pushed me vocally and I'm happy he did."


 Stating clearly that "I'm stepping out to do something on my own but I'm still a part of IMX," Marques reflects that the decision to start a solo project began to take form when he was working with fellow group members Romeo and LDB on IMX's self-titled 2001 album. "It all fell into place and I told Chris (Stokes) that I wanted to show the world what I could do. He asked me if I was absolutely sure and I told him I was positive, I was ready to do this." After speaking with Interscope executives Jimmy Iovine and Ron Fair, Marques began working on his much-anticipated solo project prior to hitting the road with the "Scream 2" tour (which featured IMX, B2K and Lil Bow Wow in July 2002. "I did a few songs when we had a break in Atlanta and as soon as the tour stopped in October, I went right back into the studio to finish the record?

. Marques, who cites Michael Jacksonas his primary musical influence and considers Boyz II Men as the most impactful group he heard growing up, started developing his own skills as a writer: Immature's The Journey contained his song "Alone," a song written in the wake of his mother's passing. After forming the production team Platinum Status with the other 2 members of IMX, Jerome "Romeo" Jones, Kelton "LDB" Kessee and Toni Scott, Marques got further opportunities to reveal his burgeoning talents. Marques showcased his songwriting and producing talents by working with Platinum Status on Destiny's Childs impressive 1999 album The Writing's On The

Wall and on IMX's 2001 self-titled New Line Records release. "Writing has bec ome like a second passion for me," says Marques. "I never thought it would develop this way but I've always used reality-based situations and real life subjects as the basis for the songs I write." 


Known to fans all over the world as 'Batman'. (A nickname he got "from fooling around one day at a radio station and putting Batman underwear on my head!"). The multi-faceted young entertainer ?(who enjoyed wide popularity for his recurrent role in the WB television series "Sister Sister" which is currently in nationwide syndication), Marques has taken his writing and producing abilities to a new level with the release of MH. "My aim has always been to make music that can make a difference in someone's life, and my greatest joy has always been knowing that a song I wrote or sung touched someone else. I felt really passionate about making this record and now I want everyone else to 'feel' it!"  Imust admit that i havent quite like the new single BODY  for me  its slightly predictable in my hmble opinion,yet i do feel that this dude could be a much talk about star afer the release of the album and the movie BOOGIE TOWN . there are so many things I like about an artist like Marques every outing I see a growth artistically he grown on all fronts and by the sound of this latest song the vibe the lyrics and the overall production is a clear signal  of not wanting to be stuck in the same cliché some artist have gotten themselves into. As I type this a storm is brewing and I see that storm coming in the Rnb  and soul music genre either it grows or it ceases to be a relevant force in music  artist need to recognise this and indeed Marques is one that has fully taken on the challenge,if you missed it  he also featured in a new movie( Battlefield America ) an area I hope he continues to move in as he clearly has good acting skills and it would be a shame for these to go to waste . CHECK OUT THE LATEST ALBUM  GIVE YOUR LOVE A TRY .

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