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 MARSHA AMBROSIUS was once part of the magical group FLOETRY who bursts on the musical scene in 2002 with hits like SAY YES and FLOETIC the group soon carved out a niche for there brand of soulful sweet music with a distinct hard edge and thoughtful lyrics. Although there was a big buzz for the group in the Uk it was the USA that would show much love to the group and accept them as there own and it is there that the group built a very strong fan base the album went gold there follow up album in FLOACISM didn’t get the same response though ,but then  the next album  Flo`OlOGY(2005) was release and again the group were riding high with LAY DOWN a killer track. Marsha and Natalie by now had written songs for MICHEAL JACKSON (BUTTERFIES) ALICIA KEYS (GO AHEAD) SOLANGE (WANNA GO BACK ) are among the people Marsha and Natalie worked with .Yet sadly Marsha has struck out on her own and she seems to be popping up every where, see her  on the new JAMIE FOXX single FREAK IN ME and also MACY GREYS song STILL HURTS, also ALESHA DIXON (THE ALSEHA DIXON SHOW) Born AUGUST 8TH 1977 Liverpool England,after meeting natalie  through there love of basket ball the pair decided to chance  it and see if there brand of music would be acceoted in the U.S  and it paid off  they where signed to GEFFEN RECORDS and the rest is history.For me Marsha is a truly gifted and much in need songstress who has great admires all over yet unlike some of the divas

around today she hasn’t fully received her dues mainly here in europe and with a new album on DR DRE record label the first album between the Say Yes and the Butterflies, the Hello and If I was a Bird. Its extremely sensual, very conceptually based. I am talking a lot about relationships, heartaches and new found love and everything that I’ve experienced; just being out there by myself now. Its just a whole other ball game being a solo artist cause I get to speak my own mind and find out who I am without having to compromise for another opinion. Being in a group is an opinion thing...Nat and [I] worked together, our chemistry worked so well together because we allowed each other to say whatever we wanted to say. We didn’t necessarily have to agree; it just made sense that she had her opinion and I had my opinion. On this album I get to s

ay everything that I want to say.

This is a young lady that certainly has my vote and when the album arrives my advice to any soul lovers out there is to buy it I know the doubts about being sign to a so called GANGSTA LABEL but rest assured this lady is 100% soul proof mean while check out the mix tape she has recently done NEO SOUL IS DEAD there is a song floating around called TAKE CARE .Hmmmmmmmmm sweetest music girl. The lady should be praised for putting Britain on the soul map yet she is still largely ignored in this country, on a personal note I don’t care  though its as if she has become a personal secret that only those who love soul music will know and enjoy. Yet its only a matter of time before this changes .


I like this video very much with MARSHA displaying some class one  acting skills (hmmm yeah i can see her on the big screen RIGHT NOW)


Marsha Ambrosius 

 "Without You" Feat. Ne-Yo (Official Video)





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 DALEY - Alone Together ft. Marsha Ambrosius




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