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We all have moments in our lives days that we will always remember like the loss of a loved one or someone close to us a very happy occasion like a birth or a wedding .Certainly over the years I’ve had a few incidents one of those happened on April 1 1984 I had gone to a nearby town to get my latest soul/r&b fix and had settled on the new change album and a reflex buy Billy oceans Caribbean queen 12inch single. Satisfying myself with these two purchases as the one album I had requested had not turned up I made my way along with my friends to the local McDonalds to eat and catch up on things .It was approaching approx 1400hrs that I had arrive home placing my key in the front door I could hear the radio that I left on as a security measure, the door had not open half way when I heard them announce that singer and writer MARVIN PENTZ GAYE JR(BORN APRIL 2ND 1939) had been killed and the worst of it was,he was  killed by a man that was suppose to love him, his own father .Just  like other times when  this has happened to me it  took some time to sink in i  kept asking myself  was MARVIN GAYE really  dead  as I pondered how I had first heard the  name  and the man behind the music. For me it was his  song  SEXUAL HEALING was when I first heard Marvin Gaye  but it was not that song that engaged me to his music it would be  a song I had heard in late 1981 November  time  approx  and that was WHATS GOING ON  and the album  to which it had belonged. Released in 1971 after a stint away from the music business, and following the shock death of TAMMI TERRELL March 16 1970.The album included hit songs such as MERCY MERCY ME, GOD IS LOVE and INNER CITY BLUES. He would follow this up with the brilliant LETS GET IT ON album (released 1973) , by this time MOTOWN would allow him as an artist, free reign to go forward with his music and sound. Later that same year he would complete his last duet album with DIANA ROSS who at the time was pregnant with child, containing the wonderful song  YOU ARE EVERYTHING a cover of THE STYLISTICS hit song .Just when we thought he had been away for a while in 1976 MARVIN GAYE released the I WANT YOU album writers on album included one man who’s music I would discover in 1981 was LEON WARE. The album had more of a  funky vibe to it as did a lot of music around that time. Yet MARVIN GAYE always managed to stamp his unique style all over it so that it became all his own . In the QUEENS JUBILEE YEAR of 1977 GAYE released GOT TO GIVE IT UP, of which went straight to the top of the charts at the same time the live set LIVE AT THE LONDON PALADIUM was help greatly by the release of this single. The song was as FUNKY as you could get it and many a soul funk songs/artist have since based there structure on one similar  to GOT TO GIVE IT UP for example MICHEAL JACKSONS  (DON’T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH),FUNKEDELIC  (ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE) some of the early production work by JIMMY JAM TERRY LEWIS had a strong percussion lead productions all the way through them . After that success,  this is where things started to take a turn for  the bad , the next year he was divorced from his wife and released as a result the album HERE MY DEAR it was not well received and flopped. Then MARVIN filed for bankruptcy and ended up in all places after a stay in Hawaii he landed in  Belgium. By this time he had been released from MOTOWN( following the failure of his 1981 album  IN OR LIFETIME  and accussations about tampering with his material by motown) he moved to Columbia records. Whilst in Belgium GAYE had a chance to rebuild himself and stay away from the demons and the people that had begun to influence his life indeed they had been doing so for quite some time. Yet music was in his soul, and 1982 he would release MIDNIGHT LOVE of which SEXUAL HEALING as a single it would put MARVIN right back where he wanted to be musically but in his personal life, it would start him on a road that if he didn’t take drastic action was only going to end one way .In 1983 he would perform at the MOTOWN 25TH

Anniversary .After this Marvin would start an ill-fated tour that would fill the then headlines with gossip and

speculations. After the end of the tour MARVIN went to the one place he thought he could find security at his parent’s home. There was no secret he and his father argued a lot at times about the lyrical content of his music and the lifestyle he lead. Not only this but his father being a so called preacher would lay it on thick as to the demonic vices as he would see it yet at the same time he had a little something  something  of his own . This along with other matters would lead up to that night in April when a father and son would clash and only one would survive yet both would end up  bitter losers. It is now MOTOWNS 5Oth Anniversary and sadly Marvin Gaye is not around .Yet I truly believe WHATS GOING ON was the greatest album that came out of MOTOWN it spoke volumes then and still does today in a world where that question is even more relevant and despite the best intentions of any world leader today we find ourselves always coming back to this question. So as I go on forward in my life I’m thankful for MARVIN GAYE’s music and soulfulness he put into them ,if you are a young producer writer or singer again as I mentioned  before check the man out  and you will see what I mean. TO MARVIN GAYE I SAY "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC" Written by cw all rights reserved

















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