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When it comes to soul Divas and  we look back over just the past 20years one of the names that must come to mind must be MARY J BLIGE  she more than most has consistently  delivered good quality music most call her style HIP HOP SOUL me I would much prefer soul music. Yet when it comes to her music you could never pigeon hole her MARY  has recorded music with the best of the best  from CHAKA KHAN  GEORGE MICHEAL AND ELTON JOHN  also working with to producers  like P DIDDY ,T LEWIS &JIMMY JAM also DR DRE for at start .MARY J BLIGE is a musical pioneer  in that what most don’t appreciate  is that  she is also a producer as well as a recording artist. Her vocal range is incredible and she is one of the very few artist I have been to see and can safely say she was much better live than on record ,this is not a may add a criticism  what I mean is as great as she sounds on disk. This is blown away in her live performances, clearly an artist you get more than 100% from in both fields. Born 11 January 1971 MA
RY J BLIGES career started in 1992 With the instant success of her then album WHATS THE 411 according to sources and in statements MARY J BLIGE got her break singing a ANITA BAKER song (ANGEL) into a karaoke machine .See people no XFACTOR or AMERICA /BRITAINS GOT TALENT was  required not that I’m not  knocking these my worry is people thinking this is the only route  to a career in music .MARY J BLIGE has  showed true talent will always shine through no matter what, and how its recorded on  if its good its good. Down through the years she has released countless quality music her albums are My Life (1994) Share My World (1997) Mary (1999) No More Drama (2001) Love & Life (2003) The Breakthrough (2005)Growing Pains (2007) TBA (2009)




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and I’m at odds here to say which albums I rate as her best let alone songs .She is one those artist I don’t even bother to listen to samples of her music when I here there is new music I just buy it. Yes could say I’m a fan yet I would describe myself as an admirer not just of  her music but of her growt


h she clearly shows that when one wants to learn they can when someone wants to grow they will no matter the odds against her  an yet come out of it all in a strong positive way. It has been well documented about her personal life, but I prefer to admire what she does on stage and in her recordings .Another aspect of her growth is how she has branched off into an acting career one I always felt MARY could do and do it well. After some appearances on TV preparing for the larger roles to come it’s been widely reported she is to appear in a TYLER PERRY MOVIE"I Can Do Bad All By Myself" and also its rumored she will or has been cast the leading role in a NINA SIMONE biopic also both I am looking forward to see her performance in they will be good .MARY always gives of her very in best in all she does the is so blindingly clear she a one and only. Look out for the latest single it’s called THE ONE FEAT DRAKE and I can say its hot released on MATRIARCH RECORDS her own label distributed through GEFFEN RECORDS. On a personal note I would love to see her include a jazz number on her new outings MARY can do this and so much more as she has proven time and time again a lady we all owe a great deal of respect too. By cw  all rights reserved.




If  you have been under a huge rock in te desert somewhere then you should be aware that THE QUEEN OF  HIPHOP SOUL has a new album MY LIFE II AND JUDGING FORM THE ERALY RELEASE THIS IS A BUY as always Mary looks stunning on the front cover giving RHIANNA and BEYONCE a run for there money vocally leaving them standing as there is quite noone in her field at present you have to go back further to find artist to match up

MARY`S latest single is 25/8 AND I LOVE THIS SONG

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