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 If you truly call yourself a soul music fan then there are some groups you cannot help but like if for some reason you absolutely don’t like them the words HMMMMMMMM  come s to mind as humbly  I would have to say you have missed something along the way. MAZE  is one of those groups I must say after listening to you can’t help but love or to have a healthy respect for there music  .They started out as RAW SOUL in 1970 formed by FRANKIE BEVERLY

later they would meet MARVIN GAYE and be signed to capitol records where they would release some of the best soul music of the 70,s and 80,s.For me though it would actually be in 1981 When I would get my first listen to the group  on their LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS album  it just simply blew me away totally.Not finding much joy getting  any further material from the group I waited to see if new material would surface ,and whilst listening to the ROBBIE VINCENT show one Friday night the song WE ARE ONE came throug


h my speakers and instantly I knew who it was .I can still remember panicking as I hit the record button to record part of the song to which I knew I would buy. That album would then set me up as a lifelong fan of the group’s music. The sad thing is at the time the song WE ARE ONE didn’t even crack the UK top 30 singles chart. There concert at the HAMMERSMITH ODEON in LONDON is still to this day one of the two best concerts I have ever been to and as I pen this I can still remember how good it was to be there. There was no theatrics just a group of talented men who knew how to work the crowd.In 1985 CANT STOP THE LOVE was releases and again FRANKIE BEVERLY and the group had risen to great heights BACK IN STRIDE was tearing up the dance floor with its wonderful and message that MAZE and FRANKIE BEVERLY were back. In 1989 they would move to WARNER BROS and the SILKY SOUL was released it feat a tribute to MARVIN GAYE SILKY SOUL SINGER. I have only mentioned a snippet here of the great catalogue of songs that FRANKIE BEVERLY and MAZE have written and song they songs have been covered by other artist in 1989 Donna Allen scored a huge success with a MAZE song the anthem JOY &PAIN of which was released in 1980 the group continued into the 90,s still producing great song s such as THE MORNING AFTER released from their 1993 album back to basics. MAZES are without a doubt a group that to love soul you couldn’t have grown up through the 80,s and missed even when Frankie wasn’t singing they still rock the house the double a sided single TWILIGHT & BACK IN STRIDE is testimony to that .FRANKIE BEVERLY has such a distinctive vocal that I doubt anyone else could ever replicate or will he is a one off. So it gave be great pleasure to hear that attribute album has been put together on their behalf and from early listening this could be one of the best albums to come out this year, the album features current acts like MUSQ SOULCHILD, AVANT, KEVON EDMONDS of after 7 fame, LEDISI the diva, KEM, MARY J BLIGE, RAHEEM DeVAUGHN, KIERRa KIKI SHEARD. It looks like a new generation of people will be given a taste of MAZE and will appreciate the music al soul legacy they have left us 30 years of positive and loving music. By CW ALL RIGHTS RESERVE 



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