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One of the hardest things to do when you have broken into the entertainment industry is to change track/ or public perception of you once they see you a certain way. You see once you become known for something ,the reality is the stigma of it stays, some may actually break the mould as it where .It may also depend on other factors yet still what we become famous for can in many ways become the thing that makes us infamous. MEAGAN GOOD is an actress that has worked endlessly to get where she is today. Like many artist today the need to show ones more les say ADULT side, is required in order to get in the club (hollywood) and shall we say maintain a certain market .So lets face it SEX SELLS, at this point can I just say that I am not justifying this merely recognising it. So for today’s budding actress’s actor’s singers rappers the need to push that side of things is at an all time high .So much so that whilst catching the ear of three (could have been four anyway! ) young men talking  about two really famous people, one a singer and the other an actress THE TERM… FIT FOR ONLY SEX… WAS UESD SO MANY TIMES I HAD TO MENTALLY TUNE OUT. Not once did I hear them talk about the talents ( again you could say they where talking about the talent lol!)then they started on MEGAN GOOD and what they would like to do to her if given a chance (yeah RIGHT!!) butting in I ask ,who she was and what does she do( i already new this, yet what was i thinking of jumping in their conversation) .I was not shocked that none of them thought of her as a young aspiring actress who had appeared in many TV and Films they seemed to think she was only a model and a good one at that FIT FOR (YES YOU THOUGHT IT).When we finished or very short conversation they agreed they needed to get certain facts straight and that maybe we should be looking at peoples real talents rather than be blinded by how big a ladies

A Girl Like Grace Movie CLIP - Hallway (2015)


boobs are ( that’s so mentally difficult for some people, being bombarded with so much junk) dare I say we have become mentally damaged by it all that I worry in the long term that the talent we use to see and say that`s TALENT!!, We no longer have a real clue as to what that is and don’t care as long as the SEX sells. Yet an actress like MEAGAN GOOD does deserve better roles ,challenging ones she sure has earned it .Starting out in a small bit role in 1991 Gabriel's Fire and slowly making her way up recent movies such as Waist Deep 2006 The Unborn 2009 and recently Jumping the Broom .Meagan Monique Good ( born August 8, 1981) as appeared in many other TV and films. Yet even she senses that the monster entertainment industry seeks at times to push way too far and for a African American women who is strong and beautiful it could be real tempting to get roles where you uncross your legs and become and instant star or have unashamed sex live on screen and oops you’re a star. Or you can make you own path long and tough though this may be you will have real RESPECT in delivering roles that have true depth, you will be able to provoke and stimulate the audience mentally as well as physically and believe me being challenged mentally for some of us (myself included ) is an event. Sort of sensing this MEGAN has formed her own production company showing in order to be successful one requires insight as well as a drive to get where you are going.



We created this company, Freedom Bridge, to basically serve as the bridge to … freedom to do the type of movies that we wanted to do,”“We don’t want to be stereotyped, and made to play the typical characters that we have played in our past. We also wanted to create an avenue for others actors to get work as well. For me personally though, this was important because I wanted us to bring a type of film to the public that has a message and a story that’s not just about making money and making a huge blockbuster film.

Otherwise when you get there and want to change, yet you don’t know why people cannot take you seriously and give you deeper and more meaningful roles, it may be because they let you in for that one reason, SEX, now that you are there, they don’t want to see any thing else but the stereo type they let you in for in the first place. Sad this may be, as many a great actor and actresses  have all ended up typecast in A ROLE  this I don't believe is the case with this lady and recent roles are about to clearly demonstrate this fact. Please check out Megan’s work as i humbly believe  this is young lady has what it takes talent,beauty and integrity and  that  she could be a REAL STAR one the world  will truly recognise as talented.

You can see MEAGAN  GOOD in the hit movie THINK LIKE A MAN  A GIRL LIKE GRACE and TV a series MINORITY REPORT


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