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I can still remember the first time I heard MICA PARIS sing it was 1988 and a lot of my friends had turned to the new latest technology for playing music, that these cycles tend  to go through and this time around  CD music was all the rage  I was still at this point buying my music on vinyl and had not totally been convinced of the switch .A friend of mine had

purchased a new cd player and wanted to sell his and so I took the plunge ,having done this I now needed to find something to play on it so on hearing this wonderful vocalist sing I thought go and get it and let this be the first of many. MICA PARIS was being hailed as a great soul star by those in the music business by I had learned by this time not to get to carried away with the hype even if the album is a successs.This the album was YOU ARE MY ONE TEMPTION a killer of a song along with DONT GIVE ME UP. Both songs from her debut Platinum album SO GOOD. There was a gap befor she returned and then  in 1990 she was back with the album CONTRIBUTION she by now was working with the extremely talent man by the name of PRINCE who had written a song just for MICA PARIS. Also Britain’s own OMAR with whom she came up with this killer song I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.MICA PARIS had establish herself on the music scene She was mixing it with the best of the best from ANITA BAKER to COURTNEY PINE ,MARK MORRISON and even  MAXWELL. Releasing her third album WHISPER A PRAYER in 1993 and by now the music was changing MICA was trying to find a new groove and grow at the same time this would take new set would take on a JAZZ fused with HIP HOP and SOUL MUSIC. Again this led to a five year gap and MICA PARIS seemed to disappear their was an album in 2005 IF YOU COULD LOVE ME y
et largely missed by the, public .She then surfaced with the album entitled BLACK ANGEL of which was largely an album of covers and I must admit to not quite feeling that vibe yet I had to hand it to her she was there still releasing good music and mixing it up at the same time ,this is a lady that will be around for  sometime to come. So when i saw her on TV as a presenter I was very surprised and yet proud to see her showing what was another side I didn’t know she had in her, on the show WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Now after a long while Away from recording MICA PARIS has release a new album BORN AGAIN and whilst at first I didn’t get a chance to really sit down and  listen I liked what I heard there is a great cover version of KEYSHIA COLE song I REMEMBER and the acoustic MY ONE TEMPTATION but the killer song is BABY COME BACK TO ME WRITTEN BY JAMES MORRISON that mans got soul .Its great to have one of Britain finest soul /rnb singer back doing her thing the album BORN AGAIN is released on
Rhythm Riders label. Well worth the buy.

written by cw all rights reserved




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