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I must admit I have been enjoying watching  the TV show FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE and one its stars in particular one Mr MICHAEL JAI WHITE Born November 10th 1967 known to many for his action flicks and with good reason the man is absolutely amazing ,yet he does possess great acting skills and in WHY DID I GET MARRIED and the follow up movie he demonstrated  he has great comedic timing he had a very short yet memorable role in the DARK KNIGHT MOVIE  (when the joker got to slit his jaw with the line "why so serious")other feature films are the cult hit BLACK DYNAMITE  and the action flick BLOOD & BONE. If anything  it was his role in the biopic TYSON that caught my eye it was an outstanding  performance and I felt sure he would go on to bigger things. Like WESLEY SNIPES MICHAEL posse’s  strong charisma on the screen and isn’t just an action star although he is  good at what he does he’s perhaps one of those stars I would like to see, if marvel does gets its act together a BLACK PANTHER or better still LUKE GAGE he posse’s the acting and action skills required to carry it off. Remember he was the first African American to star as a comic book hero in SPAWN (to be honest to this date I haven’t seen that yet hmmmm) but as I ve said MICHAEL JAI WHITE may look like an action star but a look closer and anyone can tell he’s also an actor.Not bad for a ex teacher turned actor proof that if a desire is there one can do good. To add to his bow he is also a director/writer and directed the movie NEVER BACK DOWN II.Recently the internet was set a light when the short film MORTAL KOMBAT REBIRTH was shown look out for the full movie IN 2013 other film to catch him in are WE THE PARTY, THE PHILLY KID, EL GRINGO, FREAKY DEAKY and THE WIZARDS HUNTER all in 2012.All in all I feel there is much more that is there to come from this man and I for one  welcome it I would like to see him getting his teeth into amore meaty role. Easier said than done . When speaking of filming MICHAEL had this positive thing to say

Done correctly, acting can teach people about themselves as well as others. It has the power to touch and change the lives of millions at a time.

 Falcon Rising - Official Trailer 2014



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