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When word reached me that the band MINT CONDITION has a new single and album coming out there song









BREAKING MY HEART (PRETTY BROWN EYES) instantly popped into my head so scanning through my CD`S I found the album and exported it to my MP3 player and Blackberry Smartphone, I surprised myself when I realised I had not already done so. How could I have missed that album I mumbled to myself .I had the album FROM THE MINT FACTORY 1993 but had failed to include this Ah! Well better late than never. The sad thing is this tight outfit has been so underrated they were then and are still now in my humble opinion .Yet they appear to have a very faithful following and from previous friends and reviewers are one of the best live bands out there. The music they produce and delivery is of their own style and creation fronted by STOCKLEY WILLIAMS along with RICKY KINCHEN, HORNER O`DELL, LARRY WADDELL, and JEFFREY ALLEN signed to JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS`S PERSEPTIVE RECORDS label in 1989.There first album MEANT TO MINT was released and it spawned the hit song BREAKING MY HEART (PRETTY BROWN EYES) I still hav






e fond memories of ROBBIE VINCENT playing this on the radio and me think I`VE TO HAVE THIS. Four

 albums later and in 2008 they released the album ELIFE and what treat to loyal followers of their music. Currently they have signed to shanachie entertainment. If for some reason  you haven’t listened to their music for some time go ahead and listen to the new song ,you will be hooked .After 20 years in the music business you can’t be that bad and yet  still around .and yet where are some of the bands that were around the late 90`s and onwards infighting and ego`s have prevented most of them from providing us with inspiring music. Not that this hasn’t happen with MINT CONDITION but you well imagine they have been sorted before it’s too late. I wish them a very happy return and that radio stations across the USA and Europe will be playing there music to death. (They would if I had my way).So get your Ipods,blackberrys or whatever MP3 PLAYER  YOU HAVE AND BE READY FOR THE SOUND OF MINT CONDITION





A new album is on it way  entitled  MUSIC @ THE SPEED OF LIFE look out for reworkings of PRETTY BROWN EYES aND WHAT KIND OF MAN in an interview with those excellent people over at Boombox  they had this to say about their new project.We love all our music babies but it's unanimous," Mint Condition tells The BoomBox. "We all feel Music @ the Speed of Life is our best since Definition of a Band. It's fresh and modern, musically challenging and always a nod to the past."

I cant wait  check out the new song and video below .


for the official website click here  or here





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