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When I saw MORGAN FREEMAN(born  1st june  1937) get the CECIL B DeMILL award I was so happy for him and I could not have put words as good as he did when accepted his award. Morgan Freeman is blessed with one of the most distinguished voices in cinema right now and it occurred to me how significant that voice is when an advertisement ran on my TV as I began typing this (I AM MORE THAN FREEMAN) check it out on YouTube even though its most likely a voice impersonating his voice this in itself must tell you the statue of a man who has graced our screens it seems like forever. Morgan Freeman started acting in 1971 Who Says I Can't Ride a Rainbow he also featured in TV shows of which he would build his career on. The first time I saw him was in the movie DRIVING MISS DAISY opposite JESSICA TANDY his so impressed me I was right away a fan of his from that moment on, any movie I saw him attached to I instantly wanted to see, his charisma and raw talent allows him to capture scenes even though he may not have the leading role. In the film SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION he demonstrates this also in BRUCE ALMIGHTY he was probably the only brother who could play GOD and make it look so enthralling whilst being cool at the same time. The same also when appeared as president in DEEP IMPACT at the time some said “A BLACK PRESIDENT WHY” yet after watching it you didn’t even notice that fact, and if you still did then you don’t know talent( in my humble opinion that it is). When I was doing press for Deep Impact (1998), reporters would always ask me how it felt to play the first black president, and I'd tell them, 'I'm not playing the first black president. I'm playing a president who happens to be black.' Or they'd ask me what sort of research I did for the role. Research? What kind of research do you need to play the president? He's a guy. Besides, we all know what presidents are like standing up there in a press conference. Hell, you don't have to do any research to play a president

 it does say something of the man’s talent as an actor a great actor makes you forget it’s an act and be suck into the character he or she projects sadly to many choose to not notice this getting themselves carried with who is portraying the character so that at times the whole story and plot gets lost as they argue about whatever rather than just enjoying the story .When MORGAN FREEMAN appeared opposite CLINT EASTWOOD (another actor I greatly admire)in the film UNFORGIVEN to me this was benchmark because MORGAN appeared opposite a man who stature is rated as still so high and yet MORGAN more that  than just played a part he made it come alive as the two men bounced off each other ,true the plot the script was perfect but it needs the right cast to make it live MORGAN did his part.I was in Africa when I got the call for Unforgiven (1992). Clint called my agency and made an offer for a western. I was like, 'He called for me?' It was jaw-dropping

 Again recently he appeared alongside JACK NICHOLSON in the film BUCKET LIST a movie that well left me feeling so uplifted both actors here took you on a ride and at the end you felt great above life and not worried about death MORGAN FREEMAN here displayed his acting credentials .No wonder after all has been said and done he was awarded for his contribution to the art of film making  and as the film title goes he basked in the GLORY of  it because he deserved it  he had earned  the respect of his colleagues and it was evident on the night .Like others before him ROBERT DeNIRO last time up he is up there with the best and I have a strong feeling there is even more to come from the gentleman  from  Memphis Tennessee USA (grew up in Mississippi Delta)  .  Other movies you may want to see him in the excellent   ALONG CAME A SPIDER, SE7EN, ARMISTAD, KISS THE GIRLS, ROBIN HOOD PRICE OF THIEVES, and MILLION DOLLAR BABY again with CLINT EASTWOOD ,BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT,THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.MORGAN FREEMAN has always taken things in its stride he never appears to take himself and life serious and in a strange way this copies some of his on screen charaters cool calm and collected the world could do with more of that right now.





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