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Another year and I`m looking forward to hearing some new music in 2014  No doubt music has the ability to bring people of all sorts of together .I found that in soul music /RnB and jazz music that is not to say other forms of music don’t do the same they do. Yet we shouldn’t forget what can help bring together can easily help to divide. Here my one thought was to find unknown or underrated artist who have been simply overlooked .Yet in themselves they possess great talent or have a potential to grow into great artist of the future. I can only like what I like so if I here an artist that I like, my goal is to give that artist group or band (now that’s what the industry needs more bands)as much exposure as I can.You see  soul music isn’t getting played anymore and this may not be a bad thing. I say that because during the lean times is when we learn we experiment more and great artist are born from it. When I listen to artist like TRACY CRUZ, ERIC ROBBERSON, YAHZARAH, WINSTON WARRIOR, CONYA DOSS, LYDELL WILLIAMS, DEBORAH BOND, LALAH HATHAWAY, JAMES DAY, OMAR .DALEY.SOULPERSONA, COOL MILLION and alike they fill me hope that soul music and music of the soul has a bright future .I could sit here and trash some of the soul music ARTIST /ACTS at present but there is enough of that out there right now. Good music will always rise as a friend by the name of WINSTON WARRIOR taught me that. So if you are one of those people fed up with the music scene at present and you think that soul/RnB has lost its SOUL (become gimmicky/trashy)  isn’t the same as it used to be, or that the music scene is rubbish at present with too many artist sounding and acting the same .My goal is to bring to your attention artist who are good who do bring a little if not a lot of the old school and along with something new and interesting and refreshing. I will always welcome messages from artist and record labels about any new act, as I believe because of the internet great acts can go directly to the source and lay down their vibe .I hope you will like some of the selections we have chosen and would invite you to come back to check out new soul RnB and jazz music on this website. I also welcome suggestions so if you know of an artist you think we ought to listen to drop us a line. REMEMBER SUPPORT INDEPENDENT SOUL MUSIC .WHY? Because if we don’t then think about it the next time you catch yourself complaining about the state of the music today ask yourself when was the last time I heard a great tune and didn’t buy it may be you downloaded it illegally or got a copy from a friend, either way the artist loses out and so can’t afford to go and record new material, and your left wondering why there isn’t any great music around .May there is we just need to dig a little. I will endeavour to do the digging just keep coming back. 









































































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