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There has been a lot of talk about actress NAOMI MELANIE HARRIS (born 6 September 1976) in recent press about her becoming the next bond girl HORRAY!! Go girl I thought sitting on my sofa watching the new series ALPHA`S which is rather good by the way. I couldn’t help but think as my daughter said who? Why do people not know this talented British Actress?  Loudly I shout PIREATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, DEAD MANS CHEST that was met with Oh yeah!! And she was good too. Anyway that’s how the conversation continued. This led me to writing a little piece here about this young British Lioness of an actress. Born in London and raised by her mother LISSELLE KAYLA a writer in own right. She attended and trained at the BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL. She has been building slowly yet surely on her career for some time now, so we shouldn’t think of her as someone new to the joint but see her as someone to whom has earned her stripes. Appearing in small roles in such movies as CRUST 2001 ANANSI 2002 then as SELENA in the hit movie 28 DAYS LATER 2002 for most people it would be her role in the mega hit movie PIREATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, DEAD MANS CHEST that she is most known for in 2006/2007 as TIA DALMA from then on she has taken her time, and built up her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the industry appearing on the big screen as well as the small screen of which she again began in 1987 appearing in SIMON AND THE WITCH as JOYCE  in 2009 I watched her in the drama SMALL ISLAND a worthwhile piece to get on DVD  in it you get to see NAOMI deliver a first class and moving performance. Surely this is a talent we cannot afford to ignore, yet ignore we do until they do something so spectacular we look biased doing so. It seems strange that we give so much time to people who have no real talent , and are known for a certain look or a load mouth, Than to genuine  real talent  when someone could skilfully  do something we all couldn’t  do rich or poor. NAOMI HARRIS is an obvious talent that you would have to be real stupid or ignorant to keep on ignoring. This all seems to be coming to a head soon as she is set to appear in another big budget movie JAMES BOND 23 as MONEY PENNY (yes!!!!)

You may have caught NAOMI at THE ROYAL NATIONAL THEATRE in the play

FRANKENSTEIN directed by DANNY BOYLE of course gave NAOMI her break in the movie

28DAYS LATER.A lso check her out in FIRST GRADER this is another demonstration of just

what an actress we have here  So keep an eye on this lady as NAOMI CAMPBELL isn’t the only NAOMI the

UK has to offer there’s a new star in town and her name is NAOMI HARRIS.


<a href='' target='_new' title='007 Skyfall featurette - Naomie Harris video blog' >Video: 007 Skyfall featurette - Naomie Harris video blog</a>









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