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Chaquis Maliq


What can I say here that I have not already said about this artist she's an undiscovered gem and I for am very glad she sent me this brand new EP entitled  Resilience Eludes Death filled  with so many great tunes and tones to delight the ears I took my time just checking this one out  No more is a killer track for me but the entire set is so tight and production wise  is a treat I could go on about this Ep just take a listen for yourself and see what a star this artist is nuff said.

Singer, Songwriter, 1 Woman Band, and producer are just some of the labels to describe Chaquis Maliq (Shuh-Kees Mah-Leek). Representing the new breed of women artists taking ownership of their musical paths by leading the songwriting and production of their musical creations, Chaquis Maliq is redefining the playing field as a multi-talented creator.

But before this San Francisco Native could even fathom engineerin


g and producing her first two albums, The “Demonstration Vol. I” and “Veracity”; Chaquis was first a poet and theatrical spoken word artist, with piano playing background. It wasn’t until Chaquis relocated to the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland,Virginia), that all her musical avenues dispersed from her heart and mind.




Already inspired by Soul, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, and Alternative music, Chaquis always admired guitar players. In 2011 Chaquis discovered a new love, which created her warm melodic, sweet blues,and honey jazz sound. The credit goes to her classical acoustic guitar aka Mr. Maliq. Entering this new chapter of her acoustic urban folk journey, Chaquis released her first guitar project, ’Harmonies of Me,’  in Summer 2013. Although it’s a new beginning for Maliq, she still intends to create music to uplift her listeners and keep them encouraged.  

Chaquis Maliq Reel 2015



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