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When it comes to a singer song writer at the moment NE- YO (Shaffer Chimere Smith born October 18, 1979) is most definitely at the top of his game I have to admit, I bought the first album (IN MY OWN WORDS) and found it a tad disappointing at first, it took quite a few listens before I could say I liked it, yet the one song I still couldn’t stop singing was the hit killer track SO SICK which even now stills sound s fresh and original. This was not an overnight success at it may seem to suggest he was a member of the group ENVY until 2000 and after being dropped by a record label of which you would understated if he just gave up. Yet he didn’t and a song he had written for a previous unreleased project entitled THAT GIRL was snatched up by MARQUES SUPER MAN HOUTSON  the success of the song led to Ne-yo to  writing songs for other artist  and hence in 2006 the album IN MY OWN WORDS. He has written songs for the likes of TEEDRA MOSES, MARY J BLIGE, FAITH EVANS, MARY J BLIGE and countless others. One of his breaks through songs was LET ME LOVE YOU a song that was a US number 1 hit for MARIO. In many ways it was also the collaboration with Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen of the Norwegian production team STARGATE that has also aided NE-YO in becoming the artist he is today .You can always tell artist who have an original sound and style that’s because everyone else is copying that sound and sampling it this is not good, It so sad but this is something that appears to happens too much in the R&B music industry today. Until his untimely death MICHEAL JACKSON had enlisted the help of NE-YO for the yet untitled unreleased album, this may appear sometime in the future. Although I do confess that  I am  not what you would call an avid fan of the man in that I don’t have  all just 2 of his albums yet I must confess that most of the material  I have heard I have liked. What I do admire about the man is the fact that he strife’s to do his own thing, it’s those e who copy what he does make it appear that the NE-YO sound is boring and  out date .Talking about new acts and breaking into the industry he recently said I feel hip-hop has put its stamp on the industry in a major, major way and as far as R&B is concerned I think it will become easier when people stop mimicking everyone else and find their own niche in what they do. Don’t try and sound like Usher if you’re not because then why would anyone go and get your record when there’s already an Usher out there? The reason it’s so hard for a person to get signed as an R&B act is because people aren’t being that original. Try and bring something new to the table.

New acts please take note.NE-YOP has released three albums to date IN MY OWN WORDS 2006 BECAUSE OF YOU 2007 YEAR OF THE GENTLEMEN .He has also started his own production company and record label in the hopes of bringing on new acts.





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