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NIK WEST Bringing the bass back to the soul



I have just been seduced lately by the music of one NIK WEST, she’s a much talented bass player (yeah an artist who actually plays) working with celebrity show acts such as  George Lopez and Tavis Smiley bassist and singer Nik west  is a gem just waiting for you and I to uncover her music . It’s so unusual to see someone especially female combine the art of actually playing their instrument and producing top notch quality music at the same time when we bare in industry that does not focus on that aspect of what it constitutes as being talent today. The focus has to be mainly on the  visual aspects first then the sound then whether or not the artist has any real artist endeavours .Nik brings a real funky flavour to her music and I suppose when you are a bass player then that side is always going to shine through  which in my opinion gives this lady an edge when it comes to writing  a song. She’s able to feel it more naturally and reproduce it in amore organic way. (From her webpage she began her musical journey playing the guitar, the left-handed phenom truly realized her calling when she discovered the bass in high school while listening to Michael Jackson's "You Wanna Be Startin Somethin". After discovering the instrument there was no stopping her.)

When you look at Nik ( who by the way is from Phoenix, AZ  USA  )one could be forgiven to wondering can such a beautiful really throw down some bass licks as also she was a model. Take a listen to some of her music and you tell me whether or not Nik west has mad skills  when it comes to her music .Some of the killer songs here include Forbidden Fruit Nikki killing you with a bass driven funky tune that had several plays here, Wait a minute had that bill withers use me thumping groove going throughout .Do What You Gotta Do for me is the killer song along Eye Closed both show  how both rhythm and melody can be combined to make genius music at times I was left speechless as what I was listening and at times elevated. On her website  she quoted as “Prince meets Erykah Badu with a funky bass line


!” – Seattle Times


This is not a bad analogy of what my ears have been treated to .As there was a time when rnb music was not just bass drum driven  along with a melody ,but was bass guitar driven along with the horns and melody all balanced with incredible vocals I guess that’s what we used to call funk music. Yet in a world where the music industry has changed and should change can a talent like Nikki west rise through and become a surprise hit .Yes!! she can if Dj`s  look for and take a few risk in playing artist such as Nikki West this would surely help to produce a new generation of artist that want to practice the art of physically playing an instrument as oppose to only wanting to programming not that I am against it(just coming with beats).Surely this has its place and has produced some great artist  and producers  over the years as well as music,yet we should never exclude one or the other. Rather promote the two allowing and respecting the talents of the likes of Nikki west . Has I’ve said take a listen here to Nikki west  tell do you feel it. CW devendo 1981 music and movies check out nikki west 2011 album  entitled  JUST IN THE OF TIME.CLICK HERE


Forbidden Fruit







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