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Watching the Oscars recently I was so pleased to see Meryl Streep win the Oscar award for best actress yet  nothing would please me more though than seeing African-American actress Octavia Lenora Spencer (Born on May 25, 1972) win in her category for best supporting actress for her role in the movie The Help. If you haven’t for any reason seen this movie yet perhaps now is the time to either catch it on DVD or Blu-ray or better yet read the book. Both book and film are both entertaining an amusing at the same time in both Violas Davies and Octavia Lenora Spencer both play integral roles that leaves leave you spellbound entertainment and news and left pondering why I didn’t see this movie in the first place. The first time I saw Octavia on screen was in the movie Spiderman, it was a very short and brief role in truth though the expressive look on her face was enough to tell me that this was someone that could go places. She had already appeared in previous movies 1996 blockbuster movie A Time To kill (she was Rourke’s nurse) in 1997 she appeared in the movie the Sixth Man, since then this beautiful and talented African-American actresses has slowly been building a reputation within Hollywood taking on small yet meaningful roles In film and on TV such as the hit show Ugly Betty, she also took small roles in movies like Miss congeniality, Coach Carter, The Soloist, Drag me to Hell and a Will Smith`s hit movie Seven pounds. She is an accomplished stage actress appearing in the hit stage show LaSonia pronounced Lasagna,  It’s clear from all of this that Octavia Spencer has earned every bit of the respect she has been given this past year for role as the feisty yet loving Minny Jackson in the movie, it  is such a memorable part (The line YOUR EATIN MY SHIT will forever burn in my mind) in and winning an Oscar should serve as the catapult for her career into more weighty roles that she can truly get their teeth into I for one will be pleased to see this, my only concern will be that she’s not s  stereotyped into similar  roles that are not challenging  true the Hollywood machine may fight against this issue may for a time find themselves being offered roles on the similar limestone look at the past roles that she has picked and it’s easy to see she has picked them well. Not bad for a girl from Alabama USA, there is truly more to come from this extraordinary woman keep an eye out for upcoming movies she will be appearing in notably Smashed which is a critically acclaimed memoir is written in 2005 by American writer Koren Zaclikas. She’s living proof that talent and hard work always rises to the top when it comes to a memorable performance, through one may say she’s not Halle Berry or Marilyn Monroe what she truly is an actress that knows how to act, that knows how to take a role and make it her own. I have a feeling that in years to come when we look back on the career and lifetime of Octavia Spencer will say she was like this person or that person will be saying is Octavia Spencer. 

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