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You could not have gone through the whole of 1982 and ask the question, who is PATRICE RUSHEN? because by the year end we all had one song that was in our top ten or even top five  that hit song was FORGET ME NOTS  what I especially recall about this song was that thumping bass guitar ,something you can’t program into a song .Patrice rushen  used that alongside a great melody and hook  and had a ball of a time with it .It prove to be one of the songs that awakened my love of  soul music  and R&B .PATRICE RUSHEN  was born

September 30th 1954 and seems that almost right away  she was  born to play and right music In 1972 she won the MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVAL . In 1974 she released her first album PRELUSION of which went largely unno

ticed, she followed this with albums BEFORE THE DAWN and SHOUT IT OUT (of which has just rereleased) 1978 she release the self titled album PATRICE she was beginning to build a following, so to continue in this she released the album PIZZAZZ this was the second album she had released now signed to ELECTRA RECORDS she had moved away from the jazz sound  where she had established herself  and this would cause some to criticise  her new found fame. Having said this it was clear even then her music had a certain quality to it that was building. With my favourite song SETTLE FOR LOVE later being covered by MUSIQ SOULCHILD in 1980 she released  the album POSH  with a rather  posh setting  she seen standing in a rather  nice background with her trade mark braided hair still looks cool, I NEED YOUR LOVE being my favourite song on the album. By the time 1982 came she had already mastered her craft and the world was ready to listen to the sound she would unleash on us .I still remember my first listen to this album and the song FORGET ME NOT`S even vocally she appeared stronger on the set than before my other favourite song on the set was REMIND ME of which R KELLY borrowed when he released  his  90`s album BORN INTO THE  90`s  was released . I t would take until  1984  and the release of the album  NOW for some reason I bought the cassette version of this song  and I still don’t remember why I didn’t get the vinyl copy  anyways ,I spent many a day playing  it  featuring  great songs  like FEEL SO REAL , GET OFF and TO EACH HIS OWN being my favourite song it hints at a door step conversation with some type preacher most likely JEHOVAHS WITNESS  and hence her statement TO EACH IS OWN. In 1986 PATRICE RUSHEN released the album WATCHOUT the braids by now had gone and she was signed to ARISTA RECORDS, the set showed a new found confidence to her music and it showed throughout and again was a huge hit for herewith the album  title track WATCHOUT my favourite. After this album she moved to the smaller label GPR for the 10th release MEETING ALBUM. The 90S now begun and after moving on to HOLLYWOOD RECORDS  she released the album  ANYTHING BUT ORD

INARY  but it seems the record company had other ideas  so it was later released through syndrome records  it wasn’t a big hit as her previous  works .In 1977 she returned to her jazz roots with the album SIGNATURE. and by 2002 THE ESSENTAILS :PATRICE RUSHEN. Was released. PATRICE RUSHEN  is  a massive star and her song s have had a huge influence  on toadys music , when WILL SMITH  decided to record the theme tune for his them hit movie THE MEN IN BLACK  it was PATRICE RUSHEN S song FORGET ME NOTS with  whom he  took the influence from .Also  when ZHANE recorded there album  PRONUNCED JAH NAY they sampled HAVENT YOU HEARD.  When JANET JACKSON needed a musical director she called PATRICE RUSHEN. She became the first woman to serve as head composer/musical director for the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards, the first woman to serve as musical director for the NAACP Image Awards broadcast, an honor she held for twelve consecutive years. Rushen has been the only woman to be a musical director/composer for the People's Choice Awards, HBO's Comic Relief and the only woman musical director/conductor/arranger for a late-night television talk show, The Midnight Hour which aired on CBS .Its clear her influence has   stamped itself on those who have followed  her and that as a pioneer of soul/jazz music she has advanced it ways many so called divas of today just dont have a clue, she is a producer writer arranger singer and a true musician, so to patrice thanks for the inspiring music and i look for to many .more



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