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After the nomination of the first BLACK president in America, the world seems to have gone Obama mad. To demonstrate this recently we had the news of the new DR WHO who! Some of you may say most will know what I’m talking about .DAVID TENNAT is about to leave the show. A show that he has done wonders with. So know everyone is at loss as to who will play the next time lord.Rumor has it that PATTERSON JOSEPH as superb actor in is his own right and more than qualified to take over and fill TENNANTS shoes .If he does get the job, what will the press really think about it after he does .Let’s just say anyone who gets the role much will be expected of, yet for some it will be OH WELL THEY HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT SO WHY NOT A BLACK DR WHO. So by taking the role he must know this will be that extra charge that some will make against him, yet if all is really fare and JOSEPH gets the role those haters will be proved so wrong. PATTERSON JOSEPH was born 22nd June 1964 London England. He trained at the LONDON ACADEMY OF MUSIC &DRAMATIC ART. Since then he has earned his stripes appearing in such famous English roles in programmes such as CASUALTY, PEEP SHOW,JEKYLL, SURVIVORS  and GREEN WING plus and array of others. H e can be seen alongside LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in the movie THE BEECH (HE WAS OUTSTANDINGIN IT) also he starred alongside CHARLIZE THERON in AEON FLUX. In each case he clearly demonstrates that he is more than qualified if not over qualified for this role, why do I say this DAVID TENNANT will forever be type cast in this role and in my opinion will find this a hard thing to get around though extremely talented he is .PATTERSON JOSEPH in my book has even much more to offer and so I would prefer to see him holding down his own on the big screen showing the world just what this man is capable of. If he is cast sure he those haters who will claim it’s not because he is black they would have criticised him if he wouldn’t. Yet the fact he is will be an underlying reason one they won’t dare mention as seems top always be the way it goes .People who feel threatened by one thing will always be threatened by a lot of other things. Yet not escaping this that there must be a replacement for TENNANTS role .PATTERSON JOSEPH along with a whole roster of other people male and female are all suitable to play, me  I don’t care about who really gets the role ,my thoughts though are if it is PATTERSON will be the why Question that many will level at him and the negative stereo undertones that will come from this, from all corners of this society.DR WHO IS A BRITISH INSTITUTION and who plays the role won’t really matter to some but to others this will be case . PATTERSON JOSEPH as with is previous roles win many admires and so will any of the talented British acts we have, but they will have big shoes to fill no matter who they are .Look out for PATTERSON JOSEPTH in HOUSE HUSBANDS released later this year.

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